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How to connect HAPPRUN Projector to Roku Stick?

HAPPRUN projector is equipped with an HDMI interface and can be connected to a Roku stick. In this guide, we will show how to connect

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How to Connect HAPPRUN Projector to Bluetooth?

HAPPRUN is a popular video projector in the US market. In this guide, we will take the H6 model as an example and share how

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Projector Blue Screen Troubleshooting

If your projector shows a blue screen, there are many possible causes. In this guide, we will introduce some troubleshooting solutions to the problem. Projector

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What Does HDMI CEC Mean?

HDMI has been a common port for modern video projectors. In this guide, we will introduce HDMI CEC and what HDMI CEC means. What Is

How to Hang a Projector Screen
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How to Hang a Projector Screen?

A screen can improve the viewing effect of a projector. In this guide, we will introduce how to hang a screen and share some tips

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What Is RAM or ROM of a Projector?

The rise of home theater has contributed to the development of projectors, and more and more projectors get smart. This guide will explain the ROM

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DMD Chips Comparison: 0.23″ vs 0.33″ vs 0.47″

The DMD chips are the display chips of a DLP projector, whose size determines the projector’s resolution. This guide will introduce the differences between 0.23″,0.33″,

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What Is Thermal defocusing in Projector?

Thermal defocusing is a phenomenon where the clear text or images on the projection screen blur soon after use, requiring repeated adjustments to become clear

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How to Clean a Projector Screen?

In this guide, we will share methods to clean a projector screen. It is worth noting that Glass beaded screen is not washable as the

How to Fix Projector Flickering?
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How to Fix Projector Flickering?

A flickering image will greatly affect the viewing experience. In this guide, we will provide some solutions to projector image flickering. How to Fix Projector

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How to Decide Image Size and Brightness of Projector?

The image size plays an important role in viewing effect while the brightness of a projector determines whether you can see a clear image. In

LG PF510Q CineBeam Remote Doesn’t Work
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LG PF510Q CineBeam Remote Doesn’t Work Troubleshooting

If your remote of LG PF510Q CineBeam doesn’t work, you can try the following solutions. LG PF510Q CineBeam Remote Troubleshooting Check the battery. The battery may

Connect NEC Projector to Computer?
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How to Connect NEC Projector to Computer?

In this post, we will introduce how to connect the NEC projector to a computer. As NEC projectors are varied between models, we will introduce

BenQ GP500 vs BenQ GS50
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BenQ GP500 vs BenQ GS50: What Are the Differences?

In this post, we will compare the new projector BenQ GP500 and the previous popular projector BenQ GS50 from different aspects, helping users to know

Optoma L1+ Projector

Optoma L1+ Projector Announced, first 4K UST Projector With VRR

Optoma has announced a new projector named Optoma L1+. The company claims that it is the world’s lightest UST home projector. The new projector debuted

Emotn A1
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Emotn A1 Review: How Is This 720P Projector?

Emotn, an LCD projector brand, has released a new 720P LCD projector recently. How is it? What are the features of the projector? In this

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How to Watch Netflix on FATORK Projectors?

FATORK projector is a multimedia projector without a smart system. Many users wonder how to watch Netflix on FATORK projector. In this guide, we will

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Black Friday Projector Deals 2022 Collection

In this post, we collect and update the best Black Friday projector deals from many online shops, helping you to narrow the choice and pick

CLOKOWE Projector Setup Guide 2022
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CLOKOWE Projector Setup Guide 2022

CLOKOWE projector (2022 upgraded version) is one of the best sellers in Video projectors on Amazon. But many projector users don’t know to set up

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How to Improve Projector Image?

The biggest disadvantage of projector is the low brightness. Some budget LCD projector usually has LED as light source and has low brightness. How to