In this post, we collect and update the best Black Friday projector deals from many online shops, helping you to narrow the choice and pick the best black Friday deals quickly and conveniently.

Black Friday Projector Deals 2022 Collection

You can see the projector models, discounted prices, regular prices, and available shops based on your budget.

Home Theater Projector Deals ($1,000)

The projectors below are suitable for users who want to replace these projectors to replace TV. Generally, these projectors feature most of the following features: high brightness, high resolution, short throw, and a built-in smart system.

Samsung Premiere review
ModelsSale PriceRegular PriceSaveShops
Samsung LSP7T$2,499.993,499.99$1,000BestBuy/Amazon
Samsung LSP9T$4,999.99$6,499.99$1,500BestBuy/Amazon
VAVA 4K1,899.99$2,799.99$900BestBuy/VAVA
Hisense – PX1$1,999.99$3,299.99$1,300BestBuy
Epson LS500$2,799.98$3,999.98$1,200BestBuy
VAVA Chroma$2,299.99$3,499.99$1,200BestBuy
Hisense L5G$2,999.99$4,499.99$1,500BestBuy
BenQ TK850i$1,299.00$1,799.00$500BestBuy
Optoma UHD55$1,499.00$1,799.00$300BestBuy
Epson Home Cinema 3200$1,299.99 $1,499.99$200BestBuy

Smart Projector Deals (Under $1,000)

These projectors are suitable for users who use the projector frequently and stream content via the projector. Most of them have built-in systems and good image quality. That is to say, you can stream videos without connecting to external streaming devices, and the image is not bad.

ModelsSale PriceNormal PriceSaveShops
Samsung The Freestyle$599.99$799.99$200BestBuy/ Samsung
Epson EF12$799.99$999.99$200BestBuy/Amazon
Epson EF11$699.99$799.99$100BestBuy
Epson HC1080$699.99$749.99$50BestBuy
ViewSonic M2$670.99$709.99$39Amazon
WEMAX Go Advanced$539.99$999.99$460Walmart
Epson Home Cinema 880$499.99$600$100BestBuy/Amazon

Budget Projector Deals (Under $500)

These projectors are suitable for projector beginners that occasionally use them at night. Most budget projectors have no system and you have to connect them to an external device to access the content.

ModelsSale PriceNormal PriceSaveShops
Vankyo Leisure 3W PRO$99.99$129.99$30BestBuy
Miroir Surge Series SYNQ 720p$249.99$349.99$100BestBuy
Vankyo Leisure 3 Mini$69.99$99.99$30BestBuy
Miroir M600 Full HD Pro 1080p$399.99$499.99$100BestBuy
Anker Nebula Capsule$249.99$299.99$50.00Amazon
HP CC200$137$199.00$62Walmart
Bomaker WiFi Mini$79.99$129.99$50.00Walmart

If you haven’t decided yet, please check our previous post on Guide to Buying Home Projector to choose the best projector for you.

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