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Top 5 Best DLP Projectors Manufacturers

Projectors are necessary for multiple reasons. Their functions and ease make them mandatory for a school auditorium, movie theaters, indoor and outdoor conferences, and churches.

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Optical Zoom Projector vs. Digital Zoom Projector

Back in the past, the old-fashioned projectors are all featured with optical zoom function. They all got a dial or knob on them allowing users

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How to Connect Blu-Ray Player to Projector?

If you are looking to connect a Blu-Ray player to your projector, this guide would help you get through detailed steps of finishing the task.

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How to Connect Xbox to Projector?

When you are planning to play big screen game, but you don’t own any LCD screen back in home. What should you do? There is

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Top 6 Best Gaming Projectors for 2022

With the release of the latest next-gen gaming systems, it might be time to upgrade your display. Projectors have come a long way and now

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Can I Get Sound from Projector to Speaker?

Without a good sound quality, you can’t expect a wonderful viewing experience. But due to the limit device size of projectors, it is reasonable to

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How Can I Watch TV on a Portable Projector?

Can I watch TV shows on my projector? The answer is absolutely yes. Question is how? Keep on reading you will find out it’s quite

BenQ X3000i
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BenQ Unveils 4LED Gaming Projector BenQ X3000i In CES 2022

BenQ has attracted the attention of gamers by releasing the new 4LED gaming projector BenQ X3000i in CES 2022. Marketed as the world’s first 4LED

Hisense CES 2022 New UST projector
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CES 2022: Hisense Releases Two UST Laser 4K Projectors

Hisense is known for its TV products. It also showcases two cutting-edge 4K UST laser projectors, including Hisense PX1-PRO and the Hisense L5G, at CES