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Dangbei X3 Pro Projector Test Out – Smart Feature Review

Dangbei X 3Pro is a 4K laser projector using ALPD laser fluorescent light source with 3200 ANSI lumens and equipped with 0.47UHD DMD display chip.

How to Fix Disney Plus Not Working on ZTE Projector?
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ZTE Spro 2 Projector Review | Mini Projector with Touch Screen

ZTE Spro 2 Projector is an interesting and special projector. Because, unlike other regular projectors housing some button on the unit, ZTE Spro 2 Projector

ViewSonic NH8
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ViewSonic NH8 Projector Review – How is it?

Is ViewSonic NH8 Projector worth the money to buy it as a home projector? This article will analyze this ViewSonic NH8 projector from all sides.

BIGASUO Projector Review 2022
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BIGASUO Projector Review 2022|BIGASUO B509 with Native 1080P

BIGASUO B509 is a hot projector for under $200. How about its performance? Is it worth buying? Let’s dig into its overall performance. BIGASUO B509

Philips NeoPix Prime 2 Projector
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Philips NeoPix Prime 2 Projector Review | Is It Worth Buying?

Philips has unveiled a new series of compact budget projectors – Philips NeoPix Prime 2 Projector. If you’re looking for affordable choice for an AV

Toperson YG670 Projector
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Toperson YG670 Projector Review – 5G WiFi Portable Projector

This review will take a look on the main features provided by TOPERSON YG670 Projector, to see how is this portable mini projector. Toperson YG670

HighPeak Projector Review: A Budget Mini Portable Projector
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HighPeak Projector Review: A Budget Mini Portable Projector

HighPeak projector is hot on social media. How about this projector? The author will review the HighPeak projector from different perspectives. HighPeak Projector Appearance The

Toperson YG330 Projector
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Toperson YG330 Mini Portable Projector Review – How is it?

Toperson YG330 Projector is a mini portable Projector, featured with with 5G WiFi. This review will shed some light on Toperson YG330 Projector to how

Toperson YG331 Mini Outdoor Projector
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Toperson YG331 Mini Outdoor Projector Review | HDMI Compatible & 1080P

TToperson YG331 Mini Outdoor Projector, compatible with HDIMI, is a portable 1080P projector. This review will take a look in this projector to see how

ViewSonic LS550W LED Projector Review
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ViewSonic LS550W Projector Review: Good Conference Projector

ViewSonic LS550W is a new projector with 3rd generation LED technology. Let’s see its overall performance from different perspectives. Appearance The projector is typical of

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Vankyo V600 Review – 6500 lumens Business Projector

As a LED business projector, Vankyo V600 is worth mentioning for it is able to providing a top-notch business presentation for conference attendees. The credit

Epson CH-TW5700T Review
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Epson CH-TW5700T Review – 2700 Lumens 3LCD Projector

If you are considering Epson CH-TW5700T projector, this review should be helpful. In terms of appearance design, the Epson CH-TW5700T projector looks very concise, the

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ViewSonic PX703HD Projector – Is It Worth Buying?

ViewSonic PX703HD is a truly versatile and impressive projector. With this powerful projector you will be able to create a great theater from the comfort

fangor-701-vs f601
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FANGOR 701 Projector vs FANGOR F-601 Projector: Which One is Better?

Both FANGOR 701 Projector and FANGOR F-601 Projector are powerful portable projectors, they all have a small footprint that makes it easy for users to

sony VPL-HW79
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Sony VPL-HW79 Projector | Is It Worth Buying?

The Sony VPL-HW79 provides a true to life cinema experience. Supporting Full HD and Full 3D, this projector features advanced SXRD panel technology to provide

epson eb-972 xga 3lcd image_
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Epson EB-972 XGA 3LCD Projector Review | Powerful Business Projector

Epson EB-972 XGA 3LCD Projector is a hot seller in the business projector market. With the contrast ratio of 16000 : 1, it is able

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Astron Projector Review | Turn Your Room into Galaxy

This review will shed some light on Astron projector, a galaxy projector for room decoration, let’s see what special features it has got and how

Animal Torch & Projector
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Animal Torch & Projector Review and Buying Guide

Animal Torch & Projector is a hot product from Brainstorm Limited. Just as the name indicates, Animal Torch & Projector can be viewed as both

Jinhoo Projector
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Jinhoo Projector Review | Jinhoo M10 Wi-Fi Version, Budget Projector for 2022

Jinhoo projector is a cost-efficient LCD projector brand. Among its product portfolio, Jinhoo M10 is the most popular model. The article will review the Jinhoo

Epson VS250
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Epson VS250 Projector Review | 3200 Lumens & 3LCD Technology

Epson is a trustworthy and popular manufacturer with long history. Its Epson VS250 is an amazing option for business presentation. With 800×600 native resolution, this