In the field of projectors, there are mainly three categories: long-throw projector, short-throw projector and ultra-short-throw projectors, while long-throw projector , as the name implies, has a longer projection distance, like the professional projector used in movie theaters, and requires long projection distance to produce images. Dangbei’s newly launched Dangbei ultra-short-throw projector U1 is a rare mini ultra-short-throw projector on the market. A small unit can project a huge picture size with the shortest distance.

The ultra-small and ultra-short-throw projector Dangbei U1, will the compact appearance come at the expense of its performance parameters? Let’s check out.

Dangbei U1 Unboxing

Dangbei U1 Review: Amazing Mini UST Projector

The packing of Dangbei U1 is kind of special, it’s like a portfolio with rope rolling opon the button.

Dangbei U1 Unboxing
Dangbei U1 Unboxing

In the Dangbei package, we get a projector, a remote control, a power cable, a manual, two batteries.

Dangbei U1 Appearance and Connectivity

Dangbei U1 Review: Appearance

Dangbei U1 Review: Amazing Mini UST Projector

From the product pictures of Dangbei U1 above, we can clearly see that the appearance of Dangbei U1 is a little different from the ultra-short-focus known to the public, that is, the size of Dangbei U1 is very small. The size of the projectors is very large, because due to the special structure of the optical path of ultra-short-throw projectors, they are generally designed as a larger cuboid. For example, the laser TVs launched by LG, Hisense and Epson are all large flat boxes. The size of Dangbei U1 is only 2/3 of the size of A4 paper, which is 210 x 210 x 72.8mm. It is not much bigger than an iPhone 12.

Dangbei U1 Review: Amazing Mini UST Projector

In addition, Dangbei U1 also won the IAI Design Award and the French NDA Design Award. “IAI” is one of the most influential and prestigious design competitions in the world; while the French NDA Design Award is the world’s leading design award, which aims to discover refreshing artistic creations around the world, and recognize the world’s outstanding designers and unique designs work. The French NDA Design Award is an award that all first-line independent design companies flock to.

Dangbei U1 Review: Amazing Mini UST Projector

Dangbei U1 Review: Connectivity

Dangbei U1 has two USB interfaces, an HDMI/eARC interface, an S/PDIF interface, and a LAN interface. The connectivity layout is accurate and concise, ancan fully meet the needs of daily usage, be it gaming, movie viewing or business conference.

Dangbei U1 Review: interface

Dangbei U1 Specification Analysis

Dangbei U1 Review: Display specification

The resolution of Dangbei U1 is 1920X1080 dpi, and the processor chip is MT9669. This chip, MT9669, is believed to be familiar to users who know projection and TV. This chip is widely used in high-end TVs and has a strong advantage in performance. When the brightness of the U1 is 1,250 ANSI lumens, it is completely sufficient for use in the bedroom.

In addition, with ALPD laser light source, contrast ratio is rated at 2,000:1. You will see all the black levels that meant to be seen on the dark area of images. For sound, Dangebi U1 supports Dolby Audio and dts HD, indicating that the sound quality would be extraordinary.

Dangbei U1 Review: Amazing Mini UST Projector

Dangbei U1 Review: System specification

In terms of system, it runs on the exclusive Dangbei OS, which maintains the characteristics of being “light, fast and free”, easy to use even for the beginner. There are dual ToF laser sensors on both sides of the lens, which can achieve fully automatic keystone correction and instant auto focusing.

Eye protection is also included by Dangbei U1. First of all, the diffuse reflection principle of projectors has advantages in eye protection compared with TVs and computers. Secondly, Dangbei U1 also has an intelligent eye protection function, which means when pets or children accidentally block the light source, the projection brightness is automatically reduced to protect the eyes.

Another innovative feature of Dangbei U1 is image flatness function. We are familiar with auto focus and auto keystone correction, what is the image flatness feature? It is a function ensure the image is flat and undeformed even if the wall is uneven. With image flatness feature, small room would get a massive screen as well.

Dangbei U1 Review: Amazing Mini UST Projector

Dangbei U1 Image Quality Test Out

With the support of ALPD laser display technology, Dangbei U1 has a brightness of 1,250 ANSI lumens and a contrast ratio of 2,000:1, so in terms of picture quality, compared with LED projection, the display effect will be more delicate, and the contrast between white and dark will be better.

Dangbei U1 Review: Amazing Mini UST Projector
Dangbei U1 Review: Amazing Mini UST Projector

We tested a plant picture, you can see that the texture of the petals and leaves is very clear. The color is vivid and lifelike, as if a ture flower is presented in front of you.

Dangbei U1 Review: Amazing Mini UST Projector

When it comes to a picture with more dark area, we can see that black levels are crisp and delicate. The contrast ratio is imppressive, even the fine lines and details on the further is sharp and clear.

Dangbei U1 Review: Amazing Mini UST Projector

The transition of the color of blue is natural, the crystal of the ice is fully presented. So does the fur of the animal, is exquisite and delicate.

Dangbei U1 Review: Amazing Mini UST Projector

See the colorful picture above, we can tell that Dangbei U1 is able to give incredible color accuracy.

Dangbei U1 Review: Amazing Mini UST Projector
Dangbei U1 Review: Amazing Mini UST Projector

Then we play a video on Dangbei U1, it did not lose the details of the character’s face and body due to excessively increasing the contrast, but instead handled the light in both white and dark areas in a more delicate way.

Dangbei U1 Special Features

In addition, Dangbei U1 has many special functions, such as remote control retrieval, message board function, magic screen, quick dust removing, etc.

Dangbei U1 Review: Magic Screen Mirroring

The magic screen mirroring function is that the content on the Dangbei U1 screen can be displayed on the mobile phone synchronously, and the user can directly control the projector through the mobile phone.

Dangbei U1 Review: Remote Relocating

The function of the remote relocating has always been an exclusive feature of Dangbei. It is true that the remote control is often lost in life. Users can click the “Find Remote Control” option through the “Dangbei Home” APP, and then the remote control will issue a beep sound.

Dangbei U1 Review: gaming

Dangbei U1 Review: Quick Dust Removing

The quick dust removing function is a function that most projectors on the market do not have. The main principle is to increase the fan speed to blow dust out of the chassis, which is very practical.

Dangbei U1 Review: Amazing Mini UST Projector


As an ultra-short throw laser projector, Dangbei U1 is the best choice for large-screen viewing. It adopts ALPD cinema-level laser display technology and has a projection ratio of 0.23:1. It can project an 80-inch 1080P image only 25cm away from the wall. You can’t miss this innovative mini short-throw projector. This model will hit the Chinese market, Dangbei has released a global version of laser projector before, check out our Dangbei Mars Pro review. And if you are interested in more UST projectors, please go to our top picks for best UST projectors 2022.

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