In order to find the best projector under $1000, we reviewed many of the top-selling projectors in this price range and looked specifically at features that differentiate the best projectors from their inexpensive competitors. No matter what your need is, watching 3D movie, playing games or giving business presentation, you should find your best option in this best projector list.

Our Top Picks for Best Projector Under $1000

1. Epson Home Cinema 2150


maximum screen size of 300 inches

High contrast ratio

Brightness of 2500 lumens


1 year warranty

Epson Home Cinema 2150 adopts 3LCD display technology. It offers a significantly higher contrast ratio of 60,000:1, indicating its ability of showing deeper blacks. The 2500 lumens provided by Epson Home Cinema 2150 allows users to watch it in an moderate ambient light room and won’t damage the picture quality. Speaking of image size, this projector produces giant size that is up to 300 inches, perfect for hosting viewing parties in your backyard. And this projector also has a 10-watt speaker built in.

2. BenQ HT2050A


3D supported

Great for gaming

Excellent color display

3 years warranty


Maximum image size with 180 inches

BenQ HT2050A offers resolution of 1080 via DLP display technology. It has contrast ratio that is up to 15,000:1 as well as brightness of 2,200 lumens. Plus, the projector has an extremely low input lag among projectors in this price range – just 16 milliseconds, making it a fantastic gaming projector: it’s possible to play fast-paced video games on this projector without experiencing video delays. Moreover, it is capable of projecting 3D movies and games, which is especially great for blockbuster and sci-fi movie lovers. The projector also comes with a three-year warranty from BenQ, among the longest warranties found for projectors in this price range.

3. Optoma HD39Darbee


maximum screen size of 370 inches

Long lamp life

Amazing brightness and contrast ratio

Supports 3D


1 year warranty

Long short throw

As a 3D DLP projector, Optoma HD39Darbee offers an incredible 3,500 lumens of brightness as well as the contrast ratio of 32,000:1, you can not doubt the perfect accuracy that the device brings. With this level of brightness means you can watch it in a strong ambient light environment. This projector has no zoom ring or horizontal keystone adjustment. With long throw of this projector, you may need to make sure that you have large enough room to place Optoma HD39Darbee. It has maximum screen size that is up to 370 inches, which is really impressive. Also it has a long lamp life with 15,000 hours, which can save a lot of money in the replacement of lamps.

4. Anker Nebula Cosmos


Built in Android TV

Excellent sound effect


maximum image size is 150″

With Anker Nebula Cosmos, you can watch your favorite movies, sports events, games, and more in astonishing quality with its 900 ANSI Lumen HD 1080p image. Anker Nebula Cosmospacks in a trio of speakers powered by Dolby Digital Plus for 360° of true cinematic sound. It can change the size of image without ever having to move the projector courtesy of the built-in digital zoom. What’s more Anker Nebula Cosmos allow users to choose from over 5000 apps including Hulu, Disney+, HBO, and many more with Android TV.

5. BenQ TH671ST


Maximum image size is up to 300″

High brightness of 3,000 lumens

Short throw


Short lamp life of 2,000 hrs

BenQ TH671ST offers 1080p resolution as well as 3,000 Lumens of brightness, and provides 92% Rec. 709 color profile so you will get the perfect accuracy in the image color. It also offers a high native contrast ratio of 10000:1 to deliver every detail and proper clarity. With BenQ TH671ST’s short-throw technology you will get up to 300 inches screen from just 5 feet away. With a built-in 5W stereo speaker and personalized Cinema, Music, Sport, and Game modes, you will get ultimate fun and entertainment with immersive cinematic and gaming experiences.


Generally speaking, with budget under $1000, we would get projectors with HD 1080p resolution under most condition. But the projectors we picked in the list are no less than 4K projectors in terms of color dispaly and picture quality. For the projector with the best value, we would recommend Epson Home Cinema 2150, it is definitely the most cost-effective choice.

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