8K projector
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How Much Does An 8K Projector Cost?

JVC released the world’s first 8K projector this September, attracting many projector fans. Many projector fans wonder that how much does an 8K projector cost.

GooDee W80 vs Emotn C1
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GooDee W80 vs Emotn C1: Which One is Better?

GooDee W80 and Emotn C1 are both portable LCD projectors. Many potential buyers wonder which one they should buy. This article will compare Emotn C1

Emotn C1
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Emotn C1 Unboxing and Review, A Budget High-end Projector

Emotn C1 is a new projector released recently. Many projector fanciers want to know about its appearance and performance. In this post, I will have

Wemax Go vs Wemax Go Pro
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Wemax Go vs Wemax Go Pro: What are the Differences?

Wemax Go and Wemax Go Pro are both ALPD laser projectors. Wemax Go Pro has improved a lot based on Wemax Go. You can have

4K projector
4K Projectors Buying Guide

Top 6 Best 4K Projectors for 2021

Before I got my home theatre system set up, one of my biggest worries was about the projector. The projector is the most important part

JVC 4K Projector DLA-NX7
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JVC 4K Projector DLA-NX7 Buying Guide and Brief Review

JVC 4K Projector DLA-NX7 is positioned as a high-end home projector featuring high resolution and high contrast. Appearance JVC 4K Projector DLA-NX7 uses black as

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The Top 8 Parameters to Choose a Good Projector

Many projector beginners may come across the same question: How to choose a good projector. This article will list the top 8 parameters helping you

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Top 3 Best Pico Projector for cookies in 2021

A Pico projector for cookies means a small projector that can be used for cookie decoration. They are widely used to decorate cookies among American

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VANKYO Leisure 3 Mini projector vs Leisure 3W: What Are the Differences?

VANKYO Leisure 3 Mini projector and Leisure 3W mini projector are both popular budget home projectors. You can have a quick understanding of their difference

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VANKYO Leisure 3 Mini Projector Brief Review

VANKYO Leisure 3 mini projector is a popular model of the VANKYO Leisure series. The projector captures a lot of customers with a budget price and

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QKK Mini Projector QK02 Brief Review

QKK mini projector is a popular budget projector brand, which keeps upgrading from its first mini projector QK01. The brand once ranked the best projector

4K Projectors Buying Guide

Top 5 Best 4K Projectors for 2021

There are few real 4K projectors in the market even though many suppliers boast their products as 4K projectors. Presently, the resolution of 4K projectors

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6 Different Projector Types and Their Features

Projectors can be classified into 6 types based on their use scenarios. This post lists the 6 common projector types and describes their features. Home

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Samsung Short Throw Projector:The Premiere Buying Guide

When speaking of Samsung short throw projector, you may think of Samsung The Premiere series. This series is positioned as high-end 4K laser short throw

4K Projectors Buying Guide

Samsung Premiere Projector: LSP7T vs LSP9T

Samsung Premiere projector is a high-end 4K home projector series from Samsung. The Samsung Premiere projector series includes two projectors, Samsung Premiere LSP7T and LSP9T.

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The Top 5 Key Parameters for Choosing a Good Screen

A good screen can better deliver the image of your projector. There are 5 key parameters for you to choose a good screen. Gain Gain

Planetarium Projector
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Home Planetarium Projector Sega Flux: Making Room into Space

Sega Flux is a popular home planetarium projector around the world. The full name of the projector is Sega Homestar Flux (Hereinafter referred to as

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Best 4k Projector for Home Theater 2021

4K projectors can deliver a cinematic visual experience for users. This post lists the 3 best 4k projectors for home theater 2021. Top 3 BenQ

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Is it Worth Buying a Second-hand Projector?

Recently, my friends are inquiring about the price of second-hand projectors. They think the price of new projectors is too high. In order to save

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Nebula Capsule II vs Capsule Max: What Are the Differences?

Nebula Capsule II and Nebula Capsule Max are similar in appearance. Both of the two projectors use black as the main color embellished with the