This guide will compare three popular 4K projector models, including LG CINEBEAM HU710PW, XGIMI HORIZON PRO, and Dangbei Mars Pro.


Specs Comparison

LG HU710PW VS XGIMI HORIZON PRO VS Dangbei Mars Pro chart



LG CINEBEAM HU710PW adopts a simple and elegant design style and it is in wholly white. Looking from the front side, we can see a big lens module. There is a slide cover to avoid dust accumulation. The ports are all located at the back panel.


XGIMI HORIZON PRO adopts metal panels and has a sleek design. The surrounding panels are perforated to ensure heat dissipation. As this projector uses auto focus and keystone, there is no manual focus or keystone slider. The projector is slightly smaller than the other two projectors.

Dangbei Mars Pro has the shape of a cube with a combined use of an aluminum frame and 2.5D glass IML suspension panel, which is not only sturdy but also comfortable. The outer design on the whole is futuristic and fashionable, which is suitable for use for various home decorations. The Dangbei logo and the 4K mark are in golden color, which is delicate and shiny. The side panels are perforated to allow better ventilation and clear sound.

Light Source

The three projectors have different light sources. LG HU710PW adopts a hybrid light engine, combining laser and LED. XGIMI HORIZON PRO adopts LED as the light source, while Dangbei Mars Pro adopts laser as the light source to deliver better colors. Regarding light source life, the XGIMI model and the Dangbei model have longer light source life of 30,000 hours.

Projection Performance

For resolution, the tree projectors have the same 4K resolution, but their brightness, image adjustment technique, image size, and throw ratio are different.

In terms of brightness, Dangbei Mars Pro is the brightest (3,200 ANSI lumens), followed by XGIMI HORIZON PRO, and then the LG HU710PW projector. As Dangbei Mars Pro has higher brightness, it can project decent images even during the daytime in a well-lit room. The projection image of Dangbei Mars Pro is the best in view of its high brightness and contrast. XGIMI HORIZON PRO has a mediocre contrast and LG HU710PW is greenish in bright mode.

For image technique, Dangbei Mars Pro and XGIMI HORIZON PRO both support autofocus and auto keystone. These features relieve users of tedious and troublesome image correction and adjustment. However, the LG HU710PW projector only supports manual focus and digital keystone (adjusting keystone via remote).

In terms of image size, LG CINEBEAM HU710PW and Dangbei Mars Pro have a max image size of 300 inches, as big as a whole wall of a common living room. XGIMI HORIZON PRO can project at most 200 inches, slightly smaller than the other two projectors.

Regarding the throw ratio, LG CINEBEAM HU710PW has an adjustable throw ratio while the other two projectors have a fixed throw ratio. On the whole, Dangbei Mars Pro and XGIMI HORIZON PRO have a shorter throw than the LG projector model and require a shorter distance to project the same image size.

Operating System

The three projectors have different operating systems. LG HU710PW adopts WEBOS 6.0 with many Built-In Streaming Apps, such as Netflix, YouTube, Apple TV+, and more. XGIMI HORIZON PRO is powered by an Android TV system with Chromecast and Google Assistant.

Dangbei Mars Pro has self-developed Dangbei OS (based on Android OS) and has many interesting and useful features like customized UI, weather widget, Input source switch, and more.


In terms of speakers, Dangbei Mars Pro is the most powerful among the three projectors. Dangbei Mars Pro has dual 10W speakers, which are more sonorous than the LG HU710PW and XGIMI HORIZON PRO.

The three projectors are all compatible with Dolby Audio, and LG HU710PW even supports Dolby Atmos. As for the operating noise, Dangbei Mars Pro is the quietest as it produces no more than 24dB under normal conditions.


The three projectors all support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, enabling users to connect to the network or external speakers wirelessly. Regarding ports, the three projectors are all equipped with HDMI, USB, LAN, and audio out. LG HU710PW is the only one that has three HDMI interfaces but also the only one that has no headphone out jack.

Pros and Cons



  • Laser-LED Hybrid Light Engine
  • Built-in Netflix
  • Three HDMI 2.1


  • Bulky Size
  • Bright Picture Mode is Greenish
  • No 3D
  • Longer Throw




  • Relatively Smaller Body
  • 3D Support
  • Android TV System
  • Google Play Store


  • Mediocre Contrast
  • Rainbow Effect

Dangbei Mars Pro


  • High Brightness
  • Delicate Design
  • Laser Light Source
  • Giant Image
  • Large Memory
  • Powerful Speakers


  • Unreliable Auto Keystone


After comparing the three projectors, we can find that LG HU710PW performs better in terms of operating system and content but it is less bright and a little expensive. XGIMI HORIZON PRO has a smaller size and Android TV but mediocre image performance. Dangbei Mars Pro is the brightest and produces sharp images.

Therefore, Dangbei Mars Pro is a better option in view of image quality, audio performance, and cost.

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