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FANGOR 701 Projector vs FANGOR F-601 Projector: Which One is Better?

Both FANGOR 701 Projector and FANGOR F-601 Projector are powerful portable projectors, they all have a small footprint that makes it easy for users to

epson 5050ub
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Best 3D Projectors for Home Theater 2022

With a 3D projector, you enjoy a much more realistic movie experience thanks to its special depth. Also, the test demonstrates that they offer a

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Best DLP Projectors Under $2000

We spent tens of hours reviewing DLP projectors, comparing the technical specifications in order to identify the best DLP projectors that is under $2000. We

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Best 1080p Projector Under $1000

We reviewed many of the top-selling projectors in this price range to find a number of 1080p projectors under $1000 that come with many of

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Best Business Projector | Top Picks for 2022

For a conference or business presentation, a projector is a better option for TV. Because projector is more portable meanwhile offer a adjustable screen size

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Epson 5050UB vs Optoma P2 vs Hisense PX1-PRO | Which 4K Projector Wins?

In this 4K projector comparison, we’ll look at the remarkable products from three reliable and trustworthy manufacturers. They are Epson 5050UB and Optoma P2 and

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WEMAX One Pro vs XGIMI Horizon Pro – 4K Projector Comparison

WEMAX has released a new competitive projector – WEMAX One Pro, 7000 lumens plus UHD 4K resolution, contrast ratio is up to 3000:1, and the

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WEMAX Dice vs Epson Pro EX7260 – Which $699 Projector is Better?

WEMAX Dice and Epson Pro EX7260, both projectors are sold for $699. Let’s look at them side by side, to see which $699 Projector is

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APEMAN LC550 vs APEMAN M4: Which Projector is Better?

This projector comparison will compare APEMAN M4 with APEMAN LC550, to shed some light on the two mini projectors and to see which is a

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APEMAN LC350 vs APEMAN LC550 | Mini Projector Comparison

This projector comparison will compare APEMAN LC350 with APEMAN LC550, to see which mini projector is better. As portable mini projectors, APEMAN LC350 and APEMAN

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WEMAX Dice vs Emotn H1: Which Portable Projector is Better?

As a portable mini projector, WEMAX Dice and Emotn H1 all offer high resolution with 1080P FHD. But they differ in many other aspects, this

Benq tk850 vs epson 5050ub
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BenQ TK850 vs Epson 5050UB: Which Projector is Better?

Epson Home Cinema 5050UB vs BenQ TK850 4K projector, let’s compare these two famous brand projectors side by side, to see which one is better and more

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WEMAX Nova vs Optoma CinemaX P2 vs VAVA 4K – UST Projector Head to Head

WEMAX Nova vs Optoma CinemaX P2 vs VAVA 4K, which one is better for you? Hope this projector comparison will help you to make a


Sony 715es VS JVC rs2000 / NX7 Projector Comparison: Which is BEST

This video made a comparison: Sony 715es VS JVC rs2000 VS JVC NX7, three powerful projectors are from 2 famous brands including Sony and JVC.


BEST Projector in 2022 | Projector Shootout | JVC NX7 vs NZ7 vs NZ8 vs Sony, Epson, Optoma

We compared 8 Projectors (over $50,000) in a BLIND TEST including the JVC NX7, NZ7, NZ8, 420, Epson 3800, 6050, Sony VP-295ES and Optoma 50X

Hisense PX1-PRO vs VAVA 4K·: Which One is the Better UST Projector?
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Hisense PX1-PRO vs VAVA 4K: Which One is the Better UST Projector?

Home theater projectors really become a trend in the world of home entertainment. Especially the ultra short throw projectors are indeed a convenience. They are

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BenQ TK850 vs LG HU810P CineBeam | Which Projector Is Better?

BenQ TK850 4K projector and LG HU810P CineBeam 4K projector, we will make a comparison between the two powerful projectors that both are released by


XGIMI Aura 4K Laser Projector vs XGIMI Horizon Pro 4K LED Projector| Head 2 Head

This is a projector comparison between Horizon Pro and Aura. Aura adopts laser light source while Horizon Pro is equipped with LED lamp. Both of

epson home cinema 4010
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Epson Home Cinema 4010 vs Dangbei Mars Pro – Projector Comparison

Epson Home Cinema 4010 projector and Dangbei Mars Pro 4K laser projector, let’s make a comparison between them to see which one is better. Epson

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BenQ TK850 vs Dangbei Mars Pro vs LG HU810P CineBeam | Projector Comparison

BenQ TK850 projector, Dangbei Mars Pro 4K laser projector, and LG HU810P CineBeam 4K laser projector. Let’s see what’s the difference between them. Dangbei Mars