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NexiGo Aurora PJ90 VS VAVA Chroma: Hot Laser Projectors 2022

NexiGo Aurora PJ90 and VAVA Chroma are both 4K UST laser projectors. They have similar market orientations but different prices. What are the differences between

Fengmi S5 Review: Powerful Gaming Laser Projector
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Philips Screeneo U5 vs Fengmi S5: Which Projector Wins?

Philips Screeneo U5 vs Fengmi S5: Which projector is better and more worth buying? Let’s take a look at them. Philips Screeneo U5 is able

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Fengmi S5 vs Dangbei Mars Pro: Which is Better?

Fengmi S5 laser projector adopts ALPD® laser display technology, and the brightness reaches 1100ANSI lumens, and resolution is rated at 1080P. Whether it is movie

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Ristar M7E vs Q6: Which Projector is Better?

The Ristar M7E uses a 0.65-inch large chip, the resolution reaches 1080P (1920*1080), and the brightness reaches 400 ANSI lumens. At the same time, it

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Epson L730U vs BenQ GH150: Which One is Better?

The Epson PowerLite L730U adopts three matrix RGB LCD chips, offering WUXGA 1,920 x 1,200 to produce lifelike and crisp image quality. As for light output,

BenQ W1130X vs BenQ W1130
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BenQ W1130X vs BenQ W1130: What’s the Difference?

BenQ W1130X is a new home theater projector product from BenQ. The projector has improved a lot compared with the previous BenQ W1130. What are

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ViewSonic K701-4K vs Q30: Which Projector Wins?

ViewSonic K701-4K and ViewSonic Q30 are both newly released models by ViewSonic. This comparison will review the two projector to see which one is better.

dangbei mars pro test
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ViewSonic Q30 vs Dangbei Mars Pro: Which is Better?

ViewSonic Q20 vs Dangbei Mars Pro: Which Projector is Better? ViewSonic Q30 combines 4K ultra-high-definition resolution and HDR/HLG technology with advanced The perfect combination of

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Redmi Projector vs Redmi Pro: What’s the Difference?

Xiaomi announces the Redmi Projector and Redmi Projector Pro, what’s the difference between them? The Redmi projector is white + black , the Redmi projector

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ViewSonic Q30 vs Q20: What is the Difference?

The ViewSonic Q20 projector uses RGBG LED light source technology, with a brightness of 2300 ANSI Lumens and a wide color gamut of 125% Rec

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ViewSonic K701-4K vs BenQ TK700: Which is Better?

The K701-4K is an upgraded version of the PX701-4K Pro. The two models are almost identical in appearance. The biggest difference in hardware is that

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Optoma ZU820T vs ZU725T Review – What’s the Difference?

Optoma has added two new projectors to DuraCore lasers series. The ZU820T and ZU725T, what’s the difference between them? They are both able to give

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Changhong P6W vs P6F: What’s the Difference?

Changhong adds two UST projectors to P6 series. The product appearance and internal parameter configuration of the two ultra short focus projectors P6W and P6F

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Vimgo P10 vs Vimgo D1: Which is Better?

The Vimgo P10 vs Vingo D1, what is the difference? which pico projector is better? The P10 provides 1080p resolution via LCD dispaly technology, and

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JMGO O1 vs JMGO O1 Pro: Which UST Projector is Better?

As an ultra-short-throw LED projector, the JMGO O1 has a projection ratio of only 0.25:1, that is, it can project a large 80-inch screen at

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JMGO J10se vs J10s: What’s the Difference?

JMGO J10se vs J10s: What’s the difference? They looks the same in appearacen. This writting will answerl this question in details. JMGO J10se and J10s

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Sony VPL-PHZ51 vs VPL-PHZ50: What’s the Difference?

VPL-PHZ51 is the latest laser model that released by Sony on Oct. 2022. How is it different from its previous model VPL-PHZ50? This writting will

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Sony VPL-PHZ61 vs VPL-PHZ60: What’s the Difference?

Sony VPL-PHZ61and VPL-PHZ60 are Rainbow-free 3LCD projectors with equal color and white brightness. Sony VPL-PHZ61 vs VPL-PHZ60, what is the difference between them? Check out

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Sony VPL-PHZ51 vs VPL-PHZ61- What’s the Difference?

As a laser projector, Sony VPL-PHZ51 and VPL-PHZ61 are impressively small, only measured at  422 x 100 x 333 mm. This writting will introduce how

Epson HC 2350
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Epson HC 2350 vs Epson EH-TW6250: Which Projector is Better?

Epson is undoubtly the one of the top-selling projector manufacturers worldwide, it has released many popular models for home cinema, gaming and business. This writting