In this post, we will compare three very popular projectors on the market, including Anker Nebula Solar, Emotn N1, and XGIMI MoGo Pro, to help you to know their differences and choose a proper projector.

Anker Nebula Solar vs Emotn N1 vs XGIMI MoGo Pro

Specs Comparison

The three projectors are all positioned as portable 1080P projectors with smart features. You can know their specs differences by means of the table below.


 Anker Nebula Solar

The Anker Nebula Solar projector is flat and thin while the other two projectors have a shape of cubic. In terms of color rendering, the Nebula Solar projector is wholly white; Emotn N1 has two optional colors of white and dark grey; XGIMI MoGo Pro is silver. Emotn N1 and XGIMI MoGo Pro are both perforated on panels to allow more ventilation and to provide clear sound.

Emotn N1

In terms of portability, XGIMI MoGo Pro has the smallest size and weight.

ProductNebula SolarEmotn N1XGIMI MoGo Pro
Dimensions7.6 *7.6*2 in7.17*4.92*7.56 in5.74*4.15*3.72 In
Weight2.2 lbs4.24 lbs1.98 lbs


Anker Nebula Solar, Emotn N1, and XGIMI MoGo Pro have 1080P resolution, but they have different brightness.

Among the three projectors, Emotn N1 has 500 ANSI Lumens, which is brighter than the other two projectors (Anker Nebula Solar: 400 ANSI lumens; XGIMI MoGo Pro: 300 ANSI lumens). A projector with higher brightness can deliver better and clearer images in a well-lit environment. As for image size, the Anker Nebula Solar and Emotn N1 have a maximum projection size of 120″, while the XGIMI MoGo Pro has a max image size of 200″.

The three projectors all support autofocus and auto keystone correction, avoiding the trouble of frequent manual adjustment.


One of the major differences between the three projectors is the operating system. Anker Nebula Solar and XGIMI MoGo Pro have Android TV while Emotn N1 has a Linux system. The three projectors are also different in content.

Among the three projectors, Emotn N1 is the only one that has certified Netflix. The three projectors all have Prime Video. Regarding storage, XGIMI MoGo Pro has a larger storage of 16 G storage, bigger than Emotn N1’s and Anker Nebula Solar’s 8G.


All three projectors have Bluetooth and 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi, but Anker Nebula Solar is equipped with an older version, which has a slower data transfer speed than Bluetooth 5.0.

As for ports, they all are equipped with HDMI and USB interfaces. Among the three projectors, Emotn N1 is the only one that has a LAN interface, which can ensure a smooth and quick network connection.


The audio performance is also critical for the viewing experience. All three projectors have built-in speakers and support Dolby audio, but the speakers’ power is different.

Anker Nebula Solar and XGIMI MoGo Pro have two 3W speakers, while Emotn N1 has two 5W speakers. Regarding fan noise, Emotn N1 produces a standard noise of no more than 26dB, lower than the other two projectors’ fan noise (about 30dB). That is to say, Emotn N1 has lower noise, more powerful, and more pleasant sounds.

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons below are given based on the comparative analysis of the Anker Nebula Solar, Emotn N1, and XGIMI MoGo Pro.

Anker Nebula Solar


  • Android TV
  • HDMI 2.0
  • Google Play Store
  • Thin and Portable Design


  • Not Impressive Sound
  • No LAN Interface
  • No Certified Netflix

Emotn N1


  • Higher Brightness
  • Certified Netflix
  • Lower cost
  • Powerful Speaker


  • No Android TV



  • Portable and Unique Design
  • Android TV
  • Bigger Storage


  • Lower Brightness
  • No Certified Netflix
  • Not Impressive Sound


After comparing the three projectors, we can conclude that Emotn N1 is the most cost-efficient one as it has the lowest cost but has the highest brightness and best audio performance.

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