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Projector Screens

The top 3 projector screens of 2022

The best projector screens can bring you a better home cinema experience. A projector needs a screen to display images. It can be your room
Projector Screens

Best projector screens for 2022

Picking the best projector screen compatible with the projector can turn your room into the best home theater. However, the choice of the projector screen

Projector Invention brings revolution to Cinema

The revolutionary history of projector invention begins with the magic lantern’s innovation and goes all the way down to the most advanced projectors of modern days. Undoubtedly,
4K Projectors

Top 5 Best 4K Projectors in Market

A projector replaces the Television from our homes and helps us create beautiful memories together. Multiple factors, including ultra-short throw, lamp replacement cost, and maintenance

DLP Projectors

Top 5 Best DLP Projectors Manufacturers

Projectors are necessary for multiple reasons. Their functions and ease make them mandatory for a school auditorium, movie theaters, indoor and outdoor conferences, and churches.

Tech Tips

Best Cinema projector lamp

The era of digital media has changed and revolutionized entertainment. High-quality images with the best resolutions are the most incredible ones. Video projectors are not

projector invention
Projector Category

The Story of Projector Invention

Several inventors take the credit for the projector invention. That’s why the history of projector invention is not less than a roller coaster. Even the

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What does a movie theater projector cost?

Movie theater projectors are the most professional ones. They are incredibly unique and provide a vast entertainment room to all viewers inside the theater. High
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Which is India’s Best Projector?

Technology brings innovation with invention and transforms the complete concept of revolution. The most popular projectors high in demand have multiple features per the client’s

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How to Choose a Good Classroom Projector?

Undoubtedly, the invention brings innovations and eases life. Long gone are when classrooms were boring and equipped with old-school whiteboards. Now, projectors change the whole

Projector Screens

How to Pick a Suitable Projector Screen?

The best movie night is the one which you have with your buddies. A movie night is complete with the best projector screen to help

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Pros and Cons of Halogen and HID Projector?

Long gone are the days when the movies were only for the theaters, and you could watch serials on television. Now, you can entertain yourself
Projector Screens

Which one is the best projector screen material

The choice of the projector screen is not as easy as it seems. However, it can complete your home theater look with its presentation and top-notch view.

Home Projectors

HID Projectors are better than Halogen ones

The best projector can turn your darkroom into a small theater and help you enjoy the best entertainment ever. Several types of projectors with numerous

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What is the difference between a halogen projector and HID projector?

What can be a better option to turn your living room into a high-end home theatre? All bells and whistles are for the projector, which