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VAVA ALR Screen VA-LTS005 Height Adjustment Tip

If you have set up the VAVA ALR Screen VA-LTS005 onto the wall, and now is looking to re-adjust the height of it. This height

vava alr screen
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VAVA ALR Screen VA-LTS005 Complete Setup Guide

VAVA ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting) screen is recommended to go with VAVA UST projectors. See this complete setup guide to quicky get the VAVA ALR

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Do I Need a Screen to Go with VAVA 4K Projector?

VAVA 4K projector is a laser projector to replace TV in the living room for family entertainment. Users have bought VAVA 4K projector may wonder

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What is Ceiling Light Rejecting (CLR) Projector Screen?

What is CLR projector screen? The CLR screen, short for ceiling light rejecting screens, generally is used to go with an ultra short throw projector.

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Ambient Light Rejecting Screen – How Does It Work?

If you already own a home theater projector, to get the most enjoyment from the home entertainment, choosing a decent projector screen would be the

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How to Clean Glass Beaded Projector Screens?

People who bought a home projector usually will get a projector screen to enhance the image quality. Don’t think it’s carrying coals to Newcastle; projector
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How to repair a retractable projector screen

A fantastic image with brilliant light and excellent sound quality is essential for the best experience ever to enjoy with your favorite movie. Furthermore, the

Projector Audio Transparent Screen|Perforated Screens vs Woven Screens
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Projector Audio Transparent Screens|Perforated Screens vs Woven Screens

Just as the name indicates, audio transparent screens allow sound to pass through the screen. There are two kinds of audio transparent screens in the

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Why Movie Theaters Use Projector Screen Instead of LED Screen

Most of movie theaters use projector screens instead of LED, why is that? The first reason is cost. Take an example, a 100-inch Sony TV
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The Top 3 Projector Screens of 2022

The best projector screens can bring you a better home cinema experience. A projector needs a screen to display images. It can be your room
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Best Projector Screens for 2022

Picking the best projector screen compatible with the projector can turn your room into the best home theater. However, the choice of the projector screen

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Pros and Cons of Fixed Projector Screen

Fix projector screen, also known as fixed frame screen, is a type of projector screen that’s fixed on the wall, and not allowing to be

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What is Glass Beaded Projector Screen?

Among all the materials for projector screens, there is a special one – glass beaded. We would find that glass beaded projector screens are still

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How to Use Projector Screen Paint?

Projector paint is a new trendy alternative to traditional projector screens. It stands out in convenience, low costs and durance. More and more people are

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Which Materials of Projector Screens is the Best?

You may be aware enough of the sizes and types of projector screens: portable screens, fixed frame screens… However, it’s necessary as well for you

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Projector Screen Paint: Does it work?

Generally speaking, to create cinematic experience, a projector screen is required while a projector is displaying images. However, here comes a new trendy alternative: projector

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Complete Buying Guide to the Best Projector Screens

Projectors is playing an increasingly important role in people’s entertainment life style, and to create an immersive projection experience, an appropriate projector screen is required.

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How to Pick a Suitable Projector Screen?

The best movie night is the one which you have with your buddies. A movie night is complete with the best projector screen to help
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Which one is the best projector screen material

The choice of the projector screen is not as easy as it seems. However, it can complete your home theater look with its presentation and top-notch view.

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Top 6 Projector Screen Material: Pros and Cons

Projector screens are bigger than ever. From home theaters to classrooms, projectors have a lot of perks. While choosing the right projector is already a