VAVA ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting) screen is recommended to go with VAVA UST projectors. See this complete setup guide to quicky get the VAVA ALR Screen VA-LTS005 ready.

How to Set up VAVA ALR Screen VA-LTS005

Unpack the frames and place the packaging material underneath to keep them protected. Please wear the included protective gloves before handling in case of scratches from metal parts.

1.Assemble the Inner Frames

1) Take out the two Inner Frames.
2) Expand the Inner Frames.
3) Fix the Inner Frame Connectors:

4) Assemble the Struts:

2.Assemble the Screen

1) Place a piece of clean and soft cloth or plastic film onto a flat surface.
2) Wear the included anti-dirt gloves before handling the screen to avoid fingerprint smudges.
3) Unpack the screen, gently unroll it onto the cloth or plastic film with its back facing upwards.
4) Insert the fiberglass strips into the screen sides: 1 longer strip into the short screen side. 2 shorter strips into the long screen side. Make sure the shorter ones in the long screen sides are well aligned with each other.
5) Put the installed inner frame onto the back side of the screen.
6) Attach the screen onto the inner frame using the tension springs. Install the tension springs to the four corners in the sequence 1~3 first. Then install the other tension springs to both sides from the frame center as shown below (please pull the springs with force at the same time).

• Pull the tension springs with hooks.
• Hang the tension spring on the fiberglass strips.
• It is strongly recommended that two people pull the tension springs on opposite sides at the same time.

7) Place the screen upright to check its evenness. If the screen is not stretched tight, tighten through the six adjusting bolts.

3. Assemble the Outer Frames and Corner Protectors

1) Place the outer frame against the border of the frame, align the four corners.
2) Fix the plastic corner protectors onto the four corners. Make sure they are well aligned with the outer frames in case of falling.

With the last step finished, you should have assembled the whole VAVA ALR Screen VA-LTS005.

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