ViewSonic X1-4K and X2-4K projector

ViewSonic X1-4K and X2-4K Released! Projectors Designed for Xbox

ViewSonic unveiled two 4K projectors, including ViewSonic X1-4K and X2-4K projectors. The company claimed that the two projectors are the first projectors designed especially for

XGIMI Z7X Projector

XGIMI Z7X Projector Released, Portable and Thin 1080P Projector

Recently, XGIMI released a new portable projector, XGIMI Z7X. In terms of design, XGIMI Z7X has no obvious difference from the XGIMI Z6X, which features


BlitzWolf BW-V3 Mini Projector Released

BlitzWolf BW-V3 is a new 720P projector with a low cost. It is now available for the US market and other regions. It adopts LED

Formovie X5

Formovie X5 4K Projector Launched with Max 1,000-Inch Image

The Formovie X5 projector is now available for preorder on many e-commerce platforms in the Chinese market. Different from the previous model, Formovie adopts the


LG PU700R CineBeam Portable Projector Released

LG has released a new portable projector, LG PU700R CineBeam, and the projector will be launched in countries worldwide soon. In fact, the projector had

Witseer Modular Ultra Short Throw Projector

Witseer Modular Ultra Short Throw Projector, Smart Interactive Device

Witseer Modular Ultra Short Throw projector was launched on Indiegogo recently. The projector has many novel designs and has something in common with Puppy Hachi


CVIA Brightness May Dominate the Chinese Projector Market

Recently, China Video Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as CVIA) unveiled a new brightness standard for projectors, CVIA Brightness. The standard was formulated by CVIA

LG Miraclass

LG’s Miraclass LED Screen Is Challenging Theater Projectors

LG Electronics (LG) launched its LED screen brand, LG Miraclass, in Feb 2023. The screen can a good replacement for small theaters. Miraclass is the

XGIMI H6 4K Projector

XGIMI H6 4K Projector Released in China

Recently, XGIMI released XGIMI H6 4K version and now it is available for preordering on JD and other Chinese e-commerce platforms. Design The outer design


Emotn N1, New Netflix-Certified 1080P Projector

Emotn, an innovative and dynamic LCD projector brand, launched its first and latest Netflix officially licensed projector, the Emotn N1, in Feb 2023. Sharp Image

Epson EB-PQ2000 projector series

Epson EB PQ2000: Smaller but Brighter New 3LCD Projector

Epson showcased EB PQ2000 as a centerpiece at ISE 2023 in Barcelona. The new projector line has improved a lot in terms of size and


LG Adds 3 New Projectors for Business and Education

The electronics giant LG has added 3 new projectors for business and educational scenarios, including ProBeam BU70QGA, ProBeam BF40QS, and PF510QC LED projector. The two


Best Budget Epson Projectors 2023

Epson is one of the best projector brands in the world. In this guide, we will select some budget projector models, helping you to pick


Yaber K2s Projector, the First Smart LCD Projector of The Brand

At CES 2023, Yaber showcased a string of new projectors, including Yaber Ace K1, Pico T1, and Yaber K2s. Among the three projectors, Yaber K2s

Fengmi X5 design

Fengmi X5 4K Projector: How About the Projector?

Fengmi (also known as Formovie) released a string of stunning projectors in early 2023, including a 4K projector, Fengmi X5. Fengmi X5 Appearance The projector


Epson Adds 12 New Laser Projectors

Epson has expanded its school and business projector lineups with the announcement of 12 new laser projectors. Compared with previous models, the new releases have


LG PF510Q CineBeam Is Available In The US

The CineBeam is a premium brand of  LG Electronics, a famous electronic brand. Now, LG USA debuts its new product LG PF510Q CineBeam projector. LG PF510Q


Stem Projector, A Cute Mini Projector Like a UFO

The Stem brand, a subsidiary brand of Kano Computing, is known for its player, but recently it revealed a new spin-off, Stem projector. Design The

The Hisense Smart Mini Projector

Hisense Smart Mini Projector: How Is It?

Recently, Hisense showcased a stream of laser projectors at CES 2023, including 4 UST projectors and a mini projector. Hisense Smart Mini Projector Design In


Hisense Announces 5 New Laser Projectors for CES 2023

As CES 2023 is approaching, Hisense announced 5 new projectors, including Hisense L9H TriChroma Laser TV, L5H 4K Smart Laser TV, PL1 Laser Cinema, PX2-PRO