Dangbei Wins JD Yearly Most Reliable Emerging Brand Award

Dangbei, a smart projector brand, wins JD Yearly Most Reliable Emerging Brand Award. This award recognizes the most popular new brand that is trusted by

Dangbei X3 Laser Projector
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Dangbei X3 Laser Projector Gets TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light Certification

Dangbei X3 laser projector has got TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light Certification (Hardware Solution) recently, meaning that the projector performs well in terms of eye

BenQ X3000i
DLP Projectors News

BenQ Unveils 4LED Gaming Projector BenQ X3000i In CES 2022

BenQ has attracted the attention of gamers by releasing the new 4LED gaming projector BenQ X3000i in CES 2022. Marketed as the world’s first 4LED

Hisense CES 2022 New UST projector
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CES 2022: Hisense Releases Two UST Laser 4K Projectors

Hisense is known for its TV products. It also showcases two cutting-edge 4K UST laser projectors, including Hisense PX1-PRO and the Hisense L5G, at CES

CES 2022: ViewSonic X1 and ViewSonic X2
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CES 2022|ViewSonic Unveils Two LED Projectors: ViewSonic X1 and X2

ViewSonic announced many new products in CES 2022, including two 1080P LED projectors, ViewSonic X1 and ViewSonic X2. ViewSonic X1 and ViewSonic X2 are similar

Anker Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K
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CES 2022|Anker Unveils Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K: The First Portable 4K laser Projector

Anker unveiled its first portable 4K laser projector on the first day of CES 2022. The new projector is named Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K. Nebula

Samsung The Freestyle, A Unique Portable Projector
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CES 2022: Samsung Launches The Freestyle Portable Projector

As CES 2022 is drawing near, many tech companies compete to show and release their cutting-edge products. Samsung also joins the team and releases a

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CES 2022: JVC Announces New DLA-NP5 4K Projector

JVC has announced a new entry-level projector DLA-NP5 (Known as DLA-RS1100 on the custom install market) to its Procision Series as the CES 2022 is

Emotn H1 UI live wallpapers

Emotn H1 Adds Live Wallpapers Feature After System Update

Emotn H1 is a portable projector with a built-in system, which is equipped with various smart apps, including Emotn UI. NOW, the built-in Emotn UI

DLP Projectors News

FILMATIC Projector Review: the World’s First “Wild” Projector

FILMATIC projector has released a cute retro outdoor projector, which has a small size but powerful functions. This post will review the projector from different

Lenovo YOGA T500 Play

Lenovo Released YOGA T500 Play Projector

Lenovo has released a new projector YOGA T500 Play under its popular YOGA lineup at the end of December. YOGA T500 Play is the second

MaxAngel M1
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MaxAngel Releases MaxAngel M1 4K UST Laser Projector

MaxAngel, a startup launched in 2019, has released a new 4K projector MaxAngel M1 in December 2021.  The startup claims that MaxAngel M1 is the

NOVA Tech Mini Projector

NOVA Tech Mini Projector, A Cute 1080P Home Projector

Nova Tech Mini projector is a cute 1080P projector for home use. The projector has a special and cute appearance. It has a yellow face


Amazon Glow, A Creative Projector Supporting Video Call

Amazon has released a creative projector, Amazon Glow. The projector looks like a big phone, which is positioned as an interactive projector for kids over

Emotn C1

Emotn C1 Projector, Making High-end Projector Affordable

Emotn has released its first multimedia LCD projector, Emotn C1, on 26th November. The projector is built for the young who seeks a fashionable, good-looking,

Emotn C1

Emotn C1 Projector: A Fashionable LCD Projector for the Young

Emotn has released its first multi-media LCD projector, Emotn C1, on 26th November, the Black Friday of 2021. Emotn is a young, energetic expert and

Wemax Go Pro

Wemax Go Pro:The Thinnest ALPD FHD Laser Projector

Wemax has released a new mini projector, Wemax Go Pro, which is the thinnest ALPD FHD laser projector. The projector is positioned as a portable


iSpace2 Mini Projector: the First Rotary Wake-up Projector in the World

VIEWCOMM, a Chinese tech company, has revealed a new mini projector: iSpace2. The company claims that the new projector is the first rotary wake-up projector

Xiaomi Laser Cinema 2
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Xiaomi Laser Cinema 2, A Powerful 4K projector with Dolby Vision

Xiaomi, a Chinese tech company, has released a new laser projector, Xiaomi Laser Cinema 2, in early November. Xiaomi Laser Cinema 2 is positioned as


HP CC200: A New Portable Full HD Mini Projector

HP has launched HP CC200 this October, adding a new member for its mini projector portfolio. CC refers to Citizen Cinema Series of HP. Appearance