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Lamp & LED Laser Projectors Comparison

What’s the difference between Lamp, LED and Laser projectors? LED projectors: Longer lamp life – Up to 30,000 hours Less heat Better portablity Lower Cost

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Variable Focus Projector and Fixed Focus Projector

When choosing a projector, we’ll notice in the specs there are variable focus and fixed focus. What’s the difference between them on earth? The most


Budget Projectors Reviews: DBPOWER Mini Projector

In this video Jared reviewed a budget projector called DBPOWER DB Power T20 Mini. Its price comes in around 100 bucks, over 500 reviews on

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Optical Zoom Projector vs. Digital Zoom Projector

Back in the past, the old-fashioned projectors are all featured with optical zoom function. They all got a dial or knob on them allowing users

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Pros and Cons of Fixed Projector Screen

Fix projector screen, also known as fixed frame screen, is a type of projector screen that’s fixed on the wall, and not allowing to be

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What is Glass Beaded Projector Screen?

Among all the materials for projector screens, there is a special one – glass beaded. We would find that glass beaded projector screens are still

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What is 3D Ready Projector? The Difference Between 3D and 3D Ready

You may have heard of 3D projector, but what is 3D ready projector? Is there any difference between them? 3D transmission format Firstly, let’s learn

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How to Connect Blu-Ray Player to Projector?

If you are looking to connect a Blu-Ray player to your projector, this guide would help you get through detailed steps of finishing the task.


Three Popular Projector Screen Colors Comparison

In this video author made comparison of three of the most commonly used projector screen colors, which are matte white, matte high contrast gray and

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What is Projector Lens Shift?

To correct a keystone image, there are two ways: digital keystone correction and lens shift. Digital keystone correction refers to the function of a projector

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How to Connect Xbox to Projector?

When you are planning to play big screen game, but you don’t own any LCD screen back in home. What should you do? There is

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How to Use Projector Screen Paint?

Projector paint is a new trendy alternative to traditional projector screens. It stands out in convenience, low costs and durance. More and more people are

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Can I Get Sound from Projector to Speaker?

Without a good sound quality, you can’t expect a wonderful viewing experience. But due to the limit device size of projectors, it is reasonable to

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How to Test Projector Lamp is Bad?

Projector Lamp is a core component contained by projectors of all sorts, no matter a high-end one or a budget one, they are all counting

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How Can I Watch TV on a Portable Projector?

Can I watch TV shows on my projector? The answer is absolutely yes. Question is how? Keep on reading you will find out it’s quite

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Which Materials of Projector Screens is the Best?

You may be aware enough of the sizes and types of projector screens: portable screens, fixed frame screens… However, it’s necessary as well for you

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Projector Screen Paint: Does it work?

Generally speaking, to create cinematic experience, a projector screen is required while a projector is displaying images. However, here comes a new trendy alternative: projector

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Complete Buying Guide to the Best Projector Screens

Projectors is playing an increasingly important role in people’s entertainment life style, and to create an immersive projection experience, an appropriate projector screen is required.


4K Projector Display: NIKISHAP VX-3

High-end carry backpack, 9000L brightness, 1920 x 1080P native HD resolution, two-way Bluetooth 5.0 connection, 5G / 2.4G WiFi connection, 4W built-in speaker, 10000: 1


Unboxing&Review: AUN Akey 7 MAX

The AUN AKEY 7 is a projector with FullHD resolution that has some points that make it quite attractive, such as its 5800 lumens brightness or its automatic keystone correction, an extra that