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Dangbei K1 Projector Review

1. Appearance display of Danghbei K1 projector The body color of Dangbei K1 projector is mainly dark gray, the surface is made of fireproof plastic, and

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What is DVI Input?

1. What is DVI input DVI (Digital Visual Interface) is a digital display interface standard formulated by the digital display working group (DDWG) established on the

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How to Mirror the Mobile Phone Picture to the Projector?

It is a fact that the projector can project the picture on the mobile phone onto the screen. This is a very useful technology in

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How to Clean Epson’s Projector?

You should clean the projector if it becomes dirty or if the quality ofprojected images starts to deteriorate.The longer Epson’s projector is used, the more

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It’s Coming!Dangbei New F3 Has Been Released!

Hello everyone, it has been one and a half years since Dangbei F3 was released in April. And Dangbei F series has a new family

Projector Reviews

Full Review of Performance of Dangbei F3 Projector

Dangbei F3 has not only been greatly upgraded on the basis of previous products, but also broken through other brands in a larger span. So,

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What is RCA?

1. What is RCA RCA, standard video input interface, also known as AV interface, is usually a pair of white audio interface and yellow video interface.

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What is the Function of Projector’s S/PDIF Optical Fiber Interface?

We know that the optical fiber interface of the TV box is not directly connected to the optical fiber Internet, so are the interfaces on

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How do I Connect My Laptop to the Projector

Through the video output interface of the laptop, we can easily output the image of the laptop to the projector. What is the specific setting

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Changes of HDMI Interfaces and Their Differences

HDMI interface is a common interface widely seen in all kinds of electronic devices, such as projectors, PC, TV boxes, and game players. HDMI refers

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How Should the Projector be Connected to the Power Amplifier

How should the projector be connected to the power amplifier? I believe this problem is really a big problem for people who start with projectors.

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The Difference Between Screenless TV and Projector

Is a screenless TV a smart TV? This problem puzzles most users. Screenless TV is also a new term developed in the past two years.

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Why and How to Buy a Projector

In recent years, projectors have become more and more popular with young people, replacing TV and becoming the protagonist in the living room and bedroom.