Through the video output interface of the laptop, we can easily output the image of the laptop to the projector. What is the specific setting method?

First, we must connect the video input interface of the projector to the video output interface of the laptop, and then the picture on the current laptop will appear on the projector.

Then, we can right-click to open the screen resolution option. Here we click “connect to projector”.

Then, we open the relevant setting options. It should be noted that we can use shortcut keys to operate. Press the Microsoft logo key and p key to quickly turn on the relevant settings displayed by the projector.

If we choose “computer only”, it means that the image will not be displayed on the projector, and the computer will not output the image to the projector; If we choose “projector only”, the computer will turn off the image output on its own display, which is conducive to energy saving in some cases. As for reproduction, the resolution display output on the projector and the computer is exactly the same; There is also an expansion function. We can put the image output on one display on two displays, or adjust the resolution of these two different displays according to our actual needs.

Generally, we use the projector to show ppt or some video documents. For specific settings, we can adjust the display in the screen resolution. Here, you can refer to the setting process of your own display.

turned on projector

Method 1 of connecting the projector to the computer: use HDMI HD cable to connect.

Prepare a projector (including remote control and power adapter), an HDMI HD cable and a notebook (model doesn’t matter).

Turn on the projector, make sure the projector can be used normally, turn on the computer, and connect the notebook and projector with HDMI HD cable, as shown in the figure. After the projector is connected to the notebook, it will display whether the external device is connected to switch the signal source. If not, it doesn’t matter. Press the button with the remote control to display the signal source. Select HDMI and press OK to switch successfully.

If you don’t need to connect the projector anymore, pick up the remote control, press the exit key, and click OK.

Method 2 of connecting the projector to the computer: connect the VGA video output cable.

Today’s notebooks pay more attention to portability, because business notebooks often take them on business trips, so a lot of interfaces are omitted. Some projectors also have no VGA interface. We need to buy VGA external connectors on the Internet. There are many such products on the Internet, so we can search them.

Connecting the projector with VGA video output cable is actually the same as connecting the projector with HDMI. I won’t say more, but connecting the projector with VGA video output cable is not as delicate as connecting the projector with HDMI.