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Epson LS100
Tech Tips

How to Fix if Epson Home Cinema LS100 Remote Control doesn’t work?

Epson Home Cinema LS100 is a hot projector for home use. Many users don’t know how to fix it when the remote control doesn’t work.

Fangor F506

Fangor F506 Bluetooth Projector Review

Fangor F506 Projector is a popular projector with 1080P high resolution and high brightness of 6,500 lumens. ✔️Main Features of Fangor F506 Modern design Wi-Fi

Wemax Go Pro projector Review

Wemax Go Pro Review:The Thinnest ALPD FHD Laser Projector

Wemax Go Pro is a newly-released portable laser projector. Wemax claims that it is the thinnest ALPD FHD laser projector. This post will review the

Emotn C1 projector
Tech Tips

How to Mirror Android Phone to Emotn C1 Projector?

The Emotn C1 projector supports both wired and wireless screen mirroring using Android phones. Wireless Mirroring Step 1 Turn on your Emotn projector and enter

Best Projectors in 2021

Top 5 Best Projectors for 2021

In this video, the author listed the top 5 Best Projectors for 2021, you can check the list below! Top 5: Epson PowerLite L500W Laser

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5 Tips to Extend the Lifespan of Your Nebula Projectors

Projectors are precision electronics, which require care and protection. This post will list 5 tips to extend the lifespan of your Nebula projector. Avoid extreme


Xiaomi Wanbo T2 Max Unboxing and Projector Review

Xiaomi Wanbo T2 Max is a cute mini projector. It features a 1.35:1 throw ratio and has a lamp life of 20,000 hours. The small


Top 5 Best pico Projector for Cookies

Pico projectors for cookies can make your cookies much more beautiful and tempting. To get a better effect, you’d better choose a good pico projector.

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How to Solve the Image Delay of Nebula Projector?

Many Nebula projector users may come across the image delay when using their projector. This post will give solutions to this problem. Solutions to the


Best Screens for Ultra Short Throw Laser Projectors 

A projector screen is important for a good image. The resolution labeled on your ultra short throw laser projector is only visible for a surface

Top 5 projector screens

Top 5 Best Inflatable Outdoor Projector Screens on Amazon 2021

This video will show you the Best Inflatable Projector Screen on Amazon 2021, which sold more and more times on amazon. You will find the


Xiaomi Wanbo T2 Max Projector Review

Xiaomi Wanbo T2 Max Projector is an LCD projector that has 150 ANSI lumens and supports 1080P resolution.  It adopts LED as the light source,

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How to Install APP on XGIMI HORIZON Pro?

XGIMI HORIZON Pro is a smart projector, which supports various APP. This post will tell you that how to install APPs on XGIMI HORIZON Pro.

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What to do if Your Nebula Projector Has No HDMI Signal?

HDMI is an important port for projectors. All Nebula projectors are equipped with an HDMI port so that users can connect an HDMI output device


Samsung Premiere 4K Laser Projector Review

Samsung’s The Premiere (model number SP-LSP9T) ultra-short-throw 4K laser projector (RRP £6999) which covers 98% of the Rec.2020 color space from its triple RGB laser


Expensive Projector Screens vs Cheap Projector Screens

Screens may look similar, but their prices are varied. What are the differences between expensive projectors and cheap projectors? Is it necessary to spend too


How To Build A DYI Projector Screen

This video will teach you how to build a DIY projector screen. The material mentioned in the video is easy to get. Just follow the

Tech Tips

How to Update System of Your XGIMI Projector?

A new system can deliver a smoother operation and much more features. This article will tell you that how to update the system of your


Best Halloween Projectors|5 projectors for Halloween Party

Halloween projectors can make your party much more interesting and mysterious. This video lists the best 5 projectors suitable for your Halloween party decoration. 1.


Best Gaming Projector 2021|Projector for Games

This video compared the top 3 Best Gaming Projectors that are designed for different kinds of users. A gaming projector can give you a larger,