According to recent reports, JMGO is gearing up to launch a new projector, possibly named JMGO P5, which could be an upgraded version of the JMGO P3S projector. The JMGO P3S is currently a popular portable projector known for its unique design and smart features.

JMGO P3S Overview

The JMGO P3S is a portable projector featuring a design reminiscent of a water tumbler. It comes equipped with a 90-degree rotatable lens, a built-in battery with approximately 3 hours of battery life, and support for reverse charging. With a brightness of 250 CVIA lumens, it supports 1080P resolution and 4K decoding. Additionally, it boasts intelligent features such as obstacle avoidance for seamless operation.

Expectations for JMGO P5

While the JMGO P5 has yet to be officially announced or certified by regulatory bodies, it is anticipated to retain the overall design of the JMGO P3S, emphasizing portability for on-the-go use. However, it is expected to feature significant upgrades in terms of performance and image quality. Specific details regarding its specifications and features are currently undisclosed.


As consumers await the official unveiling of the JMGO P5 projector, they can anticipate improvements over the JMGO P3S, particularly in terms of image quality and overall performance. The JMGO P5 is poised to continue JMGO’s tradition of offering innovative and feature-rich projectors suitable for various use cases, from entertainment at home to presentations in professional settings.