Recently, Xming introduced a brand-new 4K LCD projector called Xming V1 Ultra, prompting users to compare it with the popular model, Xming Q3 Max. This article aims to contrast these two projectors.


Xming V1 Ultra boasts a 4K resolution, while Xming Q3 Max features 1080P resolution. With four times the pixel count of 1080P, 4K resolution provides finer and clearer images, especially noticeable when watching high-definition movies, gaming, or content rich in details.

Brightness and Contrast

Xming V1 Ultra offers a brightness of 700CVIA lumens and supports a contrast ratio of 2000:1. In contrast, Xming Q3 Max has slightly lower brightness at 600CVIA lumens but supports a higher contrast ratio of 2500:1. Higher brightness values provide better resistance to ambient light, reducing the tendency for the image to appear washed out. However, both projectors’ brightness levels are not exceptionally high.


Xming Q3 Max boasts stronger speaker configuration with two 8W speakers and a 250CC sound cavity, delivering richer sound effects, louder volume, and better stereo and depth perception. Xming V1 Ultra, on the other hand, is equipped with two 6W speakers.

Smart Features

Compared to Xming Q3 Max, Xming V1 Ultra introduces a new feature called Wall Color Adaptation. This feature allows the projector to recognize wall colors even if they are not white, intelligently adjusting the picture color to suit different wall colors, making it suitable for users with colored walls at home.

In addition to the above differences, both projectors feature an AI Super Clear Picture Engine for AI picture enhancement, support global MEMC motion compensation technology, and offer features such as all-around correction, autofocus, intelligent obstacle avoidance, and automatic screen alignment. They are equipped with an Amlogic T982 chip, have 2+32GB of storage space, and run on the FengOS 3.0 smart operating system.

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