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Best 4K Projector Under $1000 for 2022
Buying Guide

Best 4K Projector Under $1000 for 2022

As we all know, a projector with high resolution can bring a sharp and cinematic viewing experience for users. In this post, we select the

CASIRIS A6 projector

CASIRIS Unveils New CASIRIS A6 4K UST Laser Projector

CASIRIS, a Chinese laser display technology company, has unveiled its new 4K UST laser projector CASIRIS A6 for the global market recently. The CASIRIS A6

BenQ Projector Not Turning On Troubleshooting
Tech Tips

BenQ Projector Not Turning On Troubleshooting Solutions

BenQ projector is a popular and influential projector brand. In this guide, we will talk about troubleshooting solutions concerning the BenQ projector not turning on

DR. J Projector Troubleshooting for 2022
Buying Guide

DR. J Projector Troubleshooting for 2022

DR. J projector is a hot budget projector on the market. Have you come across any problems with the DR. J projector? Check the DR.

VANKYO Projector Won't Play Netflix Troubleshooting
Tech Tips

VANKYO Projector Won’t Play Netflix Troubleshooting and Guide 2022

VANKYO projectors are popular budget projectors that have no built-in smart systems. Therefore, you need to connect the VANKYO projector to other devices to access

best projector under 100
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Best Projector under $100 for 2022|Best Budget Projector

Compared with expensive and heavy TV sets, the projector is much cheaper and portable. More and more people want to try a budget projector firstly

Projector Photography
Projector Category Tech Tips

Projector Photography: 6 Tips to Take Creative Photos 2022

If you are a shutterbug, you may want a projector to take creative and artistic photos just like the fake window challenge on social media.

XGIMI Projector Troubleshooting and Buying Guide for 2022
Buying Guide

XGIMI Projector Troubleshooting and Buying Guide for 2022

XGIMI is an emerging smart projector brand in the US market. This guide will conclude the common problems and corresponding troubleshooting solutions, and related FAQs.

FANGOR Projector Troubleshooting 2022
Buying Guide

FANGOR Projector Troubleshooting for 2022

FANGOR is one of the best sellers in the LCD projector market on many platforms. This post will introduce the completed troubleshooting and solutions for

How much does a projector cost
Buying Guide

Projector Price|How Much Does a Projector Cost?

Buying an affordable projector is a great alternative for a home cinema that is more budget-conscious than investing in a huge TV. With an inexpensive

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Top 5 Best Projectors Under $4,000 for 2022

A good projector delivers a cinematic and immersive viewing experience. With a budget of $4,000 can buy a 4K laser projector with sharp images and

KODAK Luma 150 vs KODAK Luma 350
Buying Guide

KODAK Luma 150 vs KODAK Luma 350: What Are the Differences?

KODAK Luma 150 and KODAK Luma 350 have similar appearance and size but different prices. What are the differences between them? Based on the table

projetcor vs TV
Buying Guide

Projector vs TV: Pros and Cons and Side-by-side Comparison

Nowadays, projectors play a more and more important role in home entertainment. Which one do you choose between TV or projector as your home theater

Astronaut light projector
Buying Guide

Astronaut Light Projector Buying Guide for 2022

An astronaut light projector is a mini projector that has the shape of an astronaut. Just as the name indicates, the astronaut light projector will

Hachi Infinite M1 vs Hachi Infinite M1 Pro
Buying Guide

Hachi Infinite M1 vs Hachi Infinite M1 Pro: What Are the Differences?

Hachi Infinite M1 and Hachi Infinite M1 Pro are both smart projectors with Android systems, but they have slight differences. This post will analyze and


Epson Introduces New 4K Laser Projector Home Cinema LS11000 for Gamers

Epson has introduced a new 4K laser projector Home Cinema LS11000 immediately after the release of Epson Pro Cinema LS12000. The new projector shares many

Dangbei Mars Pro vs XGIMI Aura vs VAVA Chroma
4K Projectors

Dangbei Mars Pro vs XGIMI AURA vs VAVA Chroma|4K Projectors Comparison

Dangbei Mars Pro, XGIMI Aura, and VAVA Chroma are both 4K laser projectors, but they have different prices and specifications. What are the differences between

Epson LS 500 vs Dangbei Mars Pro
Laser Projectors

Epson LS 500 vs Dangbei Mars Pro: Which is a Better Option?

Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS500 (Hereinafter referred to as Epson LS 500) and Dangbei Mars Pro are both 4K laser projectors, but their prices vary greatly.

Dangbei Mars Pro
Projector Reviews

Dangbei Mars Pro Review: Affordable and Excellent 4K Projector

Dangbei Mars Pro is a hot 4K laser projector released this month. This post will review the projector in terms of appearance, image, and system,

Epson Pro Cinema LS12000
Laser Projectors News

Epson Releases New 4K Laser Projector Pro Cinema LS12000

Epson has added a new 4K laser home theater projector for its Pro Cinema series, Pro Cinema LS12000. The projector adopts established 3LCD display technology