ViewSonic unveiled two 4K projectors, including ViewSonic X1-4K and X2-4K projectors. The company claimed that the two projectors are the first projectors designed especially for Xbox.

ViewSonic X1-4K and X2-4K projectors support Xbox-exclusive resolution and refresh rate combinations. In addition, the two projectors can automatically adjust to the most ideal settings. When connected to Xbox via HDMI 2.0, the projector will switch to gaming mode automatically.

The two projectors have extremely low input lag of 4.2ms and 240Hz refresh rate, delivering an immersive and smooth gaming experience.

In terms of design, the two projectors have contrasting colors of green and black, which echo with Xbox Series X.

ViewSonic X1-4K and X2-4K are both equipped with LED light sources, but their brightness is different. ViewSonic X1-4K has 2,900 LED Lumens (about 1200 ANSI lumens) while X2-4K has 2,150 ANSI lumens.

You may be interested in LED Lumens VS ANSI Lumens.

For colors, the two projectors have 125% Rec.709 and produce true-to-life images.

The other differences between the two models are the image size range and throw ratio range. The X1-4K model has a throw ratio range of 1.15-1.5 and an image size range of 60″-150″, while the X2-4K projector has a throw ratio range of 0.69-0.83 and an adjustable image size of 60″-120″.

Regarding audio, the two projectors both have dual 6W cube speakers designed by Harman Kardon. As the projector has Bluetooth, you can connect it to external speakers via Bluetooth.

ViewSonic X1-4K and X2-4K are now available in the UK for £1,202.64 (about US$1,482). The two projectors will be available for more markets globally from Q2.

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