JMGO U2, VAVA 4K, and HP BP5000 Laser Projector are UST laser projectors. Many projector enthusiasts or potential buyers wonder which one is better.

This article will compare the three projectors. You can quickly know the differences by means of the specification picture below.

Common Advantages

  • Laser projector
  • 4K resolution
  • HDR 10
JMGO U2 ; Credit: Indiegogo


Price: HP BP5000> VAVA 4K> JMGO U2

Brightness: JMGO U2>VAVA 4K> HP BP5000

Lamp life: JMGO U2> VAVA 4K = HP BP5000

Throw ratio:JMGO U2 > VAVA 4K = HP BP5000

The three projectors have ultra-short-throw ratios. JMGO U2 has a throw ratio of 0.25:1 while VAVA 4K and HP BP5000 have the same throw ratio of 0.23:1, which means JMGO U2 requires a farther throw distance when the projection screen is 100”.

VAVA 4K; Credit: Indiegogo

Compared other two projectors, JMGO U2 has lower noise when in operation. It has several smart features, such as auto-brightness adjustment and an eye protection system, which is better for your eyes.

HP BP500
HP BP500 ; Credit: Indiegogo

In addition, JMGO U2 has a light source of tri-color laser and a color gamut of Rec. 2020, providing you with a cinematic visual experience.

To conclude, JMGO U2 is the cheapest among the three projectors and has higher performance in terms of image quality, but its throw ratio is much bigger than the other two projectors.