VAVA Chroma is a new Triple laser 4K projector from VAVA, which features 2500 ANSI lumens, 4K standard resolution, and a short-throw of 0.233:1.

This post will give a review of VAVA Chroma from the specification, audio, image performance, and other aspects.

Key Features of VAVA Chroma

Brightness (ANSI lumens)2500ANSI
Display TechnologyTexas Instruments’ XPR* technology
Standard Resolution4K (3840*2160)
Maximum Supported Resolution4K
Throw Ratio0.233:1

Timeline of the Video

00:00 Intro

03:18 Specs of VAVA Chroma

07:24 New home and menu

14:23 Fan Noise

15:03 Audio Sample

Video Author: EBPMAN Tech Reviews

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