BenQ GV30 Review

BenQ GV30 Review, Portable Projector 2022

BenQ GV30 is a new portable projector released in 2022. It has flexible and free projection angles and a unique design. You can adjust the

Groview Projector Review and Unboxing

Groview Projector Review and Unboxing 2022

Groview LED Projector is popular on the internet recently. How about this projector? This video is about Groview unboxing and review, helping you to know

Top 9 Best UST Projectors 2022

Top 9 Best UST Projectors 2022

In this post, the author (The Hook Up, an influencer on YouTube)tested 9 highly recommended Ultra Short Throw (UST) projectors from under $1000 to over

Best Outdoor Projector 2022

Best Outdoor Projector 2022|Top 8 Outdoor Projectors

In this post, the author selects the top 8 projector that is suitable for outdoor use and watching movies. Check the list below: BEST OVERALL

Samsung Premiere review

SAMSUNG Premiere Review: Premiere 130 4K Projector for 2022

SAMSUNG Premiere is a hot option for a 4K projector that features ultra-short throw and crisp images. With a triple laser as the light source,

Formovie Theater Unboxing

Formovie Theater Unboxing and Review

In this post, we share a video from Samuel Jones Tech. In this video, the author unboxes and reviews the newly-released Formovie Theater in many

Casiris A6 Projector unboxing

Casiris A6 Projector Unboxing

Casiris A6 projector is a new 4K laser projector with an ultra-short throw of 0.25:1 and 2200 ANSI Lumens, which brings clear and big images

BenQ X3000i vs Anker Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K Vs Dangbei Mars Pro vs XGIMI Horizon Pro

Best Projector to Replace TV|TOP 4 TV Replacement Projectors

Can a laser projector replace the TV? The answer may be yes. The post lists the top 4 best projectors to replace TV, helping you

How to replace lamp for BenQ projector

How to Replace Lamp for BenQ Projectors?

If the image gets darker and darker, you may need to replace a lamp for your BenQ projector. Check the video to replace the lamp

projector buying guide

Things to Consider Before Buying a Projector

Looking to buy a projector but finding it hard to decide one? This Projector Buying Guide will help you. We have included all the things


Sony 715es VS JVC rs2000 / NX7 Projector Comparison: Which is BEST

This video made a comparison: Sony 715es VS JVC rs2000 VS JVC NX7, three powerful projectors are from 2 famous brands including Sony and JVC.


BEST Projector in 2022 | Projector Shootout | JVC NX7 vs NZ7 vs NZ8 vs Sony, Epson, Optoma

We compared 8 Projectors (over $50,000) in a BLIND TEST including the JVC NX7, NZ7, NZ8, 420, Epson 3800, 6050, Sony VP-295ES and Optoma 50X


5 Pros & Cons of An Ultra Short Throw Projector! | VAVA 4K Laser UST TV

Should You Own An Ultra Short Throw Projector For Your Home Theater Setup OR Casual Media Room? Owning a UST or Ultra Short Throw Projector


BenQ X3000i 4K LED Projector: TOP Gaming Projectors for 2022

BenQ X3000i is a 4K gaming projector with high clarity and brightness. The projector has ultra-fast 4.16ms low input lag under fast mode. It has

best outdoor projectors for movie

Best Outdoor Projectors for Movie 2022

This post selects and picks the top 8 outdoor projectors which are suitable for watching movies. ★ BEST OVERALL PROJECTOR ★   0:00 🔶 Vava 4K

benq x3000i

BenQ X3000i 4K LED Projector Full Review – It’s a GAME CHANGER

The BenQ X3000i is a 4K Gaming Projector that does Movies and More really well.


Hisense PX1-Pro Ultra Short Throw Projector First Look At This Cinematic Laser TV’s first look at the brand new Hisense PX1-Pro TriChroma triple laser ultra short throw projector. This home theater projector offers 2200 lumens of brightness

BenQ Tk700 projector review

BenQ TK700 4K Gaming Projector Review

BenQ TK700 is an excellent projector for playing games. It features 3200 ANSI lumen and stunning color of 96% Rec. 709. Game Mode for detailed

Emotn C1 review

Emotn C1 LCD Projector Unboxing & Review

Emotn C1 is a fashionable projector with a special design. It features 720P resolution and 8,500 lumens, projecting bright and clear images. It has a

BENQ x3000i Gaming Projector

BENQ x3000i Gaming Projector Review

BENQ x3000i is a good gaming projector with low input lag. It features 16ms([email protected]) and fast to 4ms([email protected]) for smooth gameplay. In addition, it supports