best 4k projector

10 Best 4K Projectors for Home Theater

Best 4K Laser Projector for Home Theater will transform any room into a spectacular home theater. They will immerse you with their incredible picture quality

Fangor F-802

Fangor F-802 Projector Unboxing & Review

Fangor F-802 is a Wi-FI Projector, which has a tiny and compact size. It is equipped with USB Port, HDMI and supports WiFi and Bluetooth

Fangor F506

Fangor F506 Bluetooth Projector Review

Fangor F506 Projector is a popular projector with 1080P high resolution and high brightness of 6,500 lumens. ✔️Main Features of Fangor F506 Modern design Wi-Fi

4K projector comparison

4K Projectors Review: Asakuki VS Fangor VS WiMiUS

This post will review and compare the best 3 projectors. Asakuki VS Fangor VS WiMiUS, which 4K projector you should buy? ★ BEST OVERALL 4K


XGIMI Aura Review: The Best Budget Laser Projector?

The XGIMI Aura is currently one of the lowest-priced 4k ultra-short throw laser projectors. It competes with the Hisense L5 and Optoma Cinemax P2 but

JVC 8K projectors

2021 JVC 8K Projector Review

This post reviews the JVC 8K projectors, including JVC RS2 100/NZ7, RS3100/NZ8, and RS4 100/NZ9. How about these new 8K projectors from JVC? Just check

Optoma vs Epson vs BenQ

Optoma vs Epson vs BenQ: Short Throw Projectors Review

This post will compare and test 3 entry-level short-throw projectors from Optoma, Epson, and BenQ, and see which is best for those home cinema sessions.

4K projector

XGIMI AURA Review: Excellent 4K Laser Projector for UNDER $2500

XGIMI Aura Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector features 4K UHD resolution and bright 2400 ANSI lumens. It requires only 17.3” from any wall and projects

LG Cinebeam

LG Cinebeam 4K Projector Review

The LG Cinebeam 4K Laser Projector (HU810PW) recently arrived. After using it, the author was blown away by its picture quality and its features like

Wemax Go Pro projector Review

Wemax Go Pro Review:The Thinnest ALPD FHD Laser Projector

Wemax Go Pro is a newly-released portable laser projector. Wemax claims that it is the thinnest ALPD FHD laser projector. This post will review the

Wemax Go projector

Wemax Go Mini Projector Unboxing

Wemax Go is a thin, small but powerful ALPD FHD laser projector. This pocket-size smart laser projector can be used everywhere and anywhere! So what

best gaming projector 2021

Best Gaming Projector Under $200 for 2021

This post reviewed the Joval Wi-Fi projector. In the author’s personal opinion, it is the gaming projector for 2021. Key Features Native 1080P FHD &

Best Projectors in 2021

Top 5 Best Projectors for 2021

In this video, the author listed the top 5 Best Projectors for 2021, you can check the list below! Top 5: Epson PowerLite L500W Laser


How to Choose Home Projector Screen?

The projector screen is an important part of your home projector setup. This video covers the 4 things you need to know when deciding on


Xiaomi VS Wemax VS Fengmi: UST Laser Projectors Comparison & Review

This post compares 8 hot ultra-short-throw projectors from Xiaomi, Wemax, and Fengmi, including Xiaomi Mijia 1S, Wemax One/One Pro, Wemax A300, Wemax D30, Fengmi Cinema


Fengmi 4K MAX VS Wemax D30

This post compares the new projectors from Fengmi and Wemax, the Fengmi 4K MAX and the Wemax D30 with respectively 4500 ANSI Lumens and 3000


JMGO O1 Projector Review: Best Budget UST Projector

JMGO O1 is an ultra-short-throw projector, which features 1080P high resolution, and a short-throw of 0.25:1. The projector is rated at 800 ANSI Lumens, presenting


Xiaomi Wanbo T2 Max Unboxing and Projector Review

Xiaomi Wanbo T2 Max is a cute mini projector. It features a 1.35:1 throw ratio and has a lamp life of 20,000 hours. The small


BenQ W1800i 4k Projector Review

BenQ w1800i is a popular 4k projector. This video will review the projector from a user’s perspective, such as quality and performance. Highlights BenQ CinematicColor™


Projector vs TV 2021: How To Choose The Best Home Theater

This video will talk about the differences between TVs and Projectors in a Home Theater setup, and how to choose the best type of display