Can a laser projector replace the TV? The answer may be yes. The post lists the top 4 best projectors to replace TV, helping you to find a good TV replacement.

The author tests and compares BENQ X3000i, XGIMI Horizon Pro, Dangbei Mars Pro, and Anker Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K to determine the best. The best projector to replace TV should have the following characteristics, including high brightness, good image, good connectivity, and smart features.

Best Projector to Replace TV

BenQ X3000i


  • Low Input Lag
  • Accurate Colors
  • High Brightness


  • Loudest fan
  • Tinny speakers
  • Large
  • High power usage

Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K


  • Well Built
  • Bright
  • Loud speakers
  • Built-in power supply
  • Netflix certified


  • Not for gaming
  • Not for mounting
  • Most expensive

Dangbei Mars Pro


  • Best picture
  • Best brightness
  • Least Expensive


  • Speakers are fine
  • Manual keystone/focus
  • Acceptable input lag


  • Worthless Smart OS
  • A new brand for the US

XGIMI Horizon Pro


  • Best auto keystone
  • Best speakers
  • Saturated Colors
  • Android 10
  • Good price
  • Smallest size


  • Lowest price

Just check the video to see which projector is the best projector to replace TV.

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