Mid-Year Summary: Top 4K Projectors of 2023

As we reach the mid-year mark, it’s time to take stock of the best 4K projectors that have dazzled audiences and enthusiasts alike. Among the

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Best 4K Projectors for Watching Movies 2024

Oscars 2024 winners to be unveiled recently. It’s time to check the list and enjoy excellent movies. In this guide, we will list the best

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Best Budget Projector for a Home Theater 2023

This guide collects the best budget projectors for home theater use in 2023. All projectors in this post cost no more than $600 but have

Best Projectors as Valentine's Day Gifts for Her
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Best Projectors as Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

As Valentine’s Day is approaching, it’s time to surprise and touch her with an excellent gift. A projector can make the day more memorable and

Best Home Theater Projector Deals
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Best Home Theater Projector Deals for Black Friday 2022

In this guide, we collect the top 5 home projector deals, helping you narrow the list and find out the proper projector deal for Black

Top 9 Best UST Projectors 2022

Top 9 Best UST Projectors 2022

In this post, the author (The Hook Up, an influencer on YouTube)tested 9 highly recommended Ultra Short Throw (UST) projectors from under $1000 to over

Best Home Theater Projector Under 500
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Best Home Theater Projector Under 500 for 2022

Projector has been a popular electric appliance for home theater among trendy people and the younger in recent years. A budget of $500 is common

Best HD projector under 500
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Best HD Projector Under 500 for 2022

Resolution is a key parameter for a projection image. You may see HD, FHD, and UHD when you browse projectors on the internet. For home

Best Projector Under 600
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Best Projector Under 600 for 2022

There are many causes for the popularity of the projector, and one of the causes is the low cost. In this guide, we will recommend

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Best Budget 1080P Projector 2023

Projectors are increasingly popular on the market because they have lower costs than TV but have bigger images and smart features. In this guide, we

Best Projector Under $300
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Best Projector Under $300 for 2022

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best 4K projector
4K Projectors

Best 4K Projector Under $2000 for 2022

Compared with a TV, a projector brings a bigger screen and provides an immersive viewing experience. If you want to use the projector for TV

Best 4K Projector Under $1000 for 2022
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Best 4K Projector Under $1000 for 2022

As we all know, a projector with high resolution can bring a sharp and cinematic viewing experience for users. In this post, we select the

Best Short Throw Projector under $500
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Best Short Throw Projector Under $500 for 2022

More and more people choose a projector as decoration of home theater in view of its portability and lower cost. In this guide, we will

Best Golf Simulator Projector 2022
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Best Golf Simulator Projector 2023

A golf simulator makes it possible to play golf virtually without going out. As one of the important parts of the golf simulator, the projector

BenQ X3000i vs Anker Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K Vs Dangbei Mars Pro vs XGIMI Horizon Pro

Best Projector to Replace TV|TOP 4 TV Replacement Projectors

Can a laser projector replace the TV? The answer may be yes. The post lists the top 4 best projectors to replace TV, helping you

best projectors under $500
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Best Projector Under $500 for 2023

If you have a budget of $500 for a projector, you can get good entry-level projectors with good brightness, resolution, and color performance. In this

best projector under 100
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Best Projector under $100 for 2022|Best Budget Projector

Compared with expensive and heavy TV sets, the projector is much cheaper and portable. More and more people want to try a budget projector firstly

best projector for outdoor movies
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Best Projector for Outdoor Movies 2022

Compared with a heavy and big TV set, the projector is portable and easy to move for outdoor movies, which is suitable for outdoor use.

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Best Projectors Under $1000 | Top Picks for 2023

In order to find the best projector under $1000, we reviewed many of the top-selling projectors in this price range and looked specifically at features