There are many causes for the popularity of the projector, and one of the causes is the low cost. In this guide, we will recommend the best projector under $600 and narrow your list. In the list, you can see the projectors from some established brands and new smart projectors that are popular on social media.

Best Projector Under 600

Epson Home Cinema 880

Best Projector Under 600 for Giant Screen

Price: $599.99    Resolution: 1080P    Brightness:  3300 lumens     3D: NO

The projector is equipped with Epson’s renowned 3LCD display technology and has excellent color performance. In addition, it has 1080P resolution and dynamic contrast of 16,000:1, whose projection image has rich details.

Epson Home Cinema 880 adopts a 210W UHE lamp and produces 3,300 ANSI lumens for the projection image. Regarding screen size, it has a max screen of 320” (1080P), bringing an immersive viewing experience for users. In terms of connectivity, the projector has all-digital HDMI connectivity, making it convenient to connect the projector to external devices.

3LCD Display Technology
1080P resolution
High Brightness
Giant screen
No 3D

BenQ TH585P

–Best Projector Under 600 for Gaming

Price: $599   Resolution: 1080P   Brightness: 3,500 ANSI Lumens   3D: Yes

BenQ TH585P projector is recommended for its low input lag of 16ms, which is suitable for playing games. The projector adopts DLP display technology and uses a 240W UHP bulb with a lamp life of 4,000 hours and 15,000 hours under ECO mode.

The projector is rated at 3,500 ANSI lumens and produces bright images even during the daytime. With 1080P resolution and 95% Rec.709 color gamut, the projection image is clear and colorful. BenQ TH585P supports full HD 3D and you can play 3D videos easily via the projector. Regarding screen size, it can project a max screen of 300 inches.

Low input lag
3,500 ANSI lumens

Optoma HD146X

–Best Projector Under 600 for Overall Performance

Price: $599   Resolution: 1080P    Brightness: 3,600 ANSI lumens      3D: Yes

Optoma HD146X is a good projector for home theater. It has 1080P resolution, dynamic contrast of 25,000:1, and 3,600 ANSI lumens, which produces clear and bright images for users. The projector adopts a DLP display and uses a metal halide lamp with a lamp life of 4,000 hours and 15,000 hours under Dynamic Mode.

Regarding screen size, the projector has a max screen of 301”, which is big enough for home use.  In terms of 3D function, Optoma HD146X supports Full HD 3D play. In addition, Optoma HD146X has a low input lag of 16ms, which is also suitable for playing games.

High brightness
1080P resolution
Giant Screen
Only 1 HDMI interface  

Anker Nebula Solar Portable

–Best Projector Under 600 for Smart System

Price: $559.99   Resolution: 1080P    Brightness:  400 ANSI Lumens     3D: No

Anker Nebula Solar Portable is a budget smart projector, which has 1080P resolution and 400 ANSI Lumens. The projector is suitable for watching movies at night when you have camping or have a party. Anker Solar Portable is powered by Android TV, making it easy to access content on some streaming platforms such as YouTube and Hulu.

The projector supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, enabling you to connect phones, speakers, or other external devices wirelessly. It has a built-in memory of 8G, and you can download some videos and play them in an offline environment. Anker Nebula Solar Portable also has a built-in battery with a battery life of 3 hours, meaning that you can use the projector outdoors without charging it.

1080P resolution
Android TV system
Good wireless connectivity
Built-in battery
Low brightness
No 3D

Kodak Luma 450

–Best Projector Under 600 for Portability

Price: $549   Resolution: 1080P    Brightness:  200 ANSI lumens     3D: No

Kodak Luma 450 is a mini DLP projector with 1080P resolution. It measures only 1.26″ x 4.90″ x 4.90″, and you can just put it on your palm. With a built-in battery with a long lamp life of 3 hours, the projector is a good choice for a portable projector.

The projector adopts LED as the light source with a long lamp life of 30,000 hours, but it has a relatively low brightness of 200 ANSI lumens. It is only suitable for use in dark environments. Though the projector has a small size, it has a built-in Android system, enabling you to access content conveniently. Regarding connectivity, the projector supports Wi-Fi and has HDMI and USB for connecting to external devices. In terms of screen size, it can project a max screen of 150”, which is bigger than the common TV screen.

Small Size
1080P resolution
Android system
 Low brightness

How to Choose The Best Projector Under 600?

Here are some factors you should consider when choosing the best projector under 600. You can refer to the Projector Buying Guide to know more about projector parameters.

Firstly, the brightness. The projector should have high brightness so that you can see the image clearly during the daytime with strong ambient light.

Secondly, the resolution. The best projector should have a high resolution to get a sharp image. Generally, the best projector under 600 has a resolution of 1080P or 720P.

Thirdly, big screen size. To achieve a good viewing experience, the projector should have a big screen to build an immersive viewing experience.

Fourthly, the system. If the projector has a built-in system, then you can download some apps directly and enjoy content or games conveniently. Otherwise, you need to connect the projector to ROKU or other streaming devices or connect it to computers or other external devices to access contents.

Last, good connectivity for the projector. If a projector should have versatile interfaces, for example, HDMI, USB, VGA, etc., and good wireless connectivity, including Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. You can connect the projector to external devices conveniently via the interfaces or via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Of course, there are some other factors to consider, for example, battery, 3D, and color gamut. That’s all for the guide for the best Projector Under 600.

If you want to narrow your budget to $300, you can check Emotn H1, which has a retail price of $289 and features a 1080P resolution, built-in battery, Android system, and 16G memory.

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