Compared with expensive and heavy TV sets, the projector is much cheaper and portable. More and more people want to try a budget projector firstly to experience the fun of a projector. In this guide, we carefully pick the top 5 best projectors under $100 in the market for 2022, helping you to find the best budget projector.

Best Projector Under $100

In this buying guide, we pick the top 5 best projectors under $100 based on their resolution, brightness, screen size, smart features, and market reviews. In view of the low cost, the projectors in the list are mainly entry-level LCD projectors with LED light source.


Best Projector under 100

Price: $79.99 |Resolution: 720P |Brightness: 2400 LED lumens

Projectors under $100 are mainly manufactured by small unknown brands, KODAK FLIK X7 is a popular projector model from the famous projector brand KODAK. KODAK FLIK X7 has a native 720P resolution and 2,400 LED lumens, which can provide clear images even during the daytime.

KODAK FLIK X7 has a max screen size of 150 In, providing a pleasant and immersive viewing experience. In terms of image adjustment, the projector supports keystone correction to make trapezoidal images into rectangular images conveniently.

In terms of connectivity, it has HDMI and UDB interfaces. You can connect it to your smartphone, computer, or game console via an HDMI interface.

Native 720P
150” Screen
Good Connectivity
No Wi-Fi
No Bluetooth

AuKing Mini Projector

Best Budget Projector

Price: $89 |Resolution: 800×480 |Brightness:2600 lumens

AuKing mini projector 2022 version (Model number: M8-F) is the top 1 best seller in video projectors on Amazon. The projector has a native resolution of 800x480P and supports 1080P resolution.

The projector can project a max screen size of 170 inches. The image size is big enough for a home projector. It is equipped with HDMI, USB, and VGA interface, you can connect the projector to your smartphone via an HDMI adapter. It has a keystone correction ring on the top panel, enabling users to adjust the image conveniently.

 Versatile interfaces
170” screen size
No Wi-Fi
No Bluetooth
Just 480P

TMY V08 Projector

Price: $79.99 |Resolution:1280 x 720   |Brightness: 7,500 lumens

TMY V08 is also a hot projector in the market. The projector has a native resolution of 720P and high brightness of 7,500 lumens. The high contrast of 5,000:1 brings more details to the image.

The external design of the projector is also exquisite and elegant, matching different home decoration styles. It can project at most 220”. It has versatile interfaces, including HDMI, VGA, AV, USB Headphone port, and TF card slot, meaning that you can connect the projector to your TV stick, tablet, or smartphone conveniently. More importantly, it has a bundled 100” screen in the package, which is cost-effective.

Complimentary 100” screen
Native 720P
220” screen size
No Wi-Fi
No Bluetooth


Best Projector under $100 2022

Price: $99.99 |Resolution: 800 x 480 |Brightness: 120 ISO lumens

VANKYO LEISURE 3W Pro supports Wi-Fi and wireless screen mirroring, which is rarely seen for projectors under $100. The projector is rated at 120 ISO lumens, which is suitable for night use.

The projector can project a max screen size of 200“, bringing a wonderful and immersive viewing experience. VANKYO LEISURE 3W Pro is equipped with various interfaces, including HDMI, USB, VGA SD card, 3.5mm headphone output, and the 3.5mm AV port, compatible with various devices, such as TV sticks, game consoles, smartphones, or tablets.

Convenient screen mirroring
200” screen size
Various Interfaces
No Bluetooth
Only 480P


Price: $99 |Resolution: 960 x 640 |Brightness: 7,500 lumens

ELEPHAS W13 has a native resolution of 960 x 640 and 7,500 lumens, bringing decent images in a dark environment. The projector supports Wi-Fi, and you can mirror your phone screen to the projector wirelessly. If you prefer a wired connection, you can just plug the original data cable of your phone into the USB interface for screen mirroring.

It can project a max screen size of 200”, which is big enough for home users. It is equipped with VGA, USB, HDMI, and audio port, compatible with Roku Stick, speakers, etc.

200” screen size
Wireless screen mirroring
Good appearance
No Bluetooth

Top Factors to Consider to Pick the Best Budget Projector

For a budget of under $100, you should pay attention to the following points.


Generally, a projector at a price under $100 has a native resolution of 480P or 720P. You should check the native resolution instead of the supported resolution. For a budget of under $100, the 1080P resolution labeled by the projector suppliers is possibly just the supported resolution of a projector. The supported resolution means you can play the source video of 1080P on the projector by compressing the video into a lower resolution.


Most projectors under $100 have a brightness of 100-150 ANSI lumens or so. Most budget LCD projector suppliers label the brightness with light source lumens, which are amazingly high than the real ANSI lumens figure. You can use the ANSI to lumens converter to convert different lumen units.


Keystone is a useful feature for adjusting trapezoidal images. The keystone function can make the trapezoidal images rectangular quickly. Therefore, please check the feature when you pick your projector. If the projector has no keystone correction, you have to adjust the position of the projector frequently and tediously.

Screen Mirroring

Most budget projectors under $100 have no screen mirroring feature. If you find the projector is priced at no more than $100 and supports both wired and wireless screen mirroring, you can just add it to your wishing list or shopping cart.


Connectivity is critical for the budget projectors under $100 because most of these projectors have no system. You need to connect the projector to a TV stick, smartphone, USB flash drive, or other devices to access more content. Therefore, you should check the connectivity. The projector should have at least one HDMI and USB port so that it can connect to other mobile devices. For wireless connectivity, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are also useful.

If you keep the factors above in mind, you can also pick the best budget projector by yourself. May you find the best budget projector in 2022!

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