JMGO’s P series projectors are designed for portable outdoor use, with the P3S being a popular model. Recently, JMGO introduced the P5, a new addition to the lineup. But when it comes to outdoor usage, which one is better? This article will compare the differences between the JMGO P3S and P5 projectors.

Battery Life

The P5 projector offers longer battery life, supporting up to 5 hours of unplugged use, while the P3S lasts for 3 hours.


The P5 boasts a higher brightness of 450 CVIA lumens compared to the P3S’s 250 CVIA lumens. Higher brightness ensures better visibility in ambient light conditions, reducing the risk of washed-out images.


With a standard resolution of 1080P, the P5 provides sharper images compared to the 720P resolution of the P3S, resulting in a superior viewing experience.

Smart Features

The P3S supports intelligent obstacle avoidance, automatically adjusting the projection to avoid obstructions. This feature is not available in the P5.


The P5 offers HDMI 2.1 connectivity, while the P3S features HDMI 2.0, providing slightly faster data transfer speeds and better compatibility with newer devices.

Overall, the JMGO P5 represents an upgrade over the P3S in several aspects, including image quality, battery life, and connectivity. It also offers better value for money, making it the preferred choice for users. Alternatively, users may also consider the Dangbei Atom projector with Google TV™ OS for a similarly portable and cost-effective option in the same category.

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