On the morning of April 16th, the official countdown poster from Dangbei revealed that their new product is just 2 days away from launch, with the theme “One Touch Away · Something Different.” The brand had previously announced the Dangbei Spring New Product Launch Event scheduled for April 18th.

In the latest poster, the main focus is on the pure white body of the new projector, suggesting it might be a lightweight and ultra-thin model, as previously speculated with Projector1. What’s noteworthy is the addition of a screen-like design on the front of the body in the concept image. This indicates that the new product could potentially incorporate a small screen design above the body.

Considering the keywords “One Touch Away” and the mention of “Seeing Big in Small” from the previous poster, this screen is likely to be touch-sensitive and could control the content on the large screen. It suggests an interactive dynamic between the small and large screens. Additionally, “touch” could also refer to the touch sensitivity of the large screen, allowing users to interact directly with the projected image.

If these speculations hold, Dangbei’s new product could mark another groundbreaking development. In the past, smart projectors typically had limited body configurations. However, if a new touch-sensitive small screen is introduced, it could offer users more personalized functions and enhance interaction with the large screen, opening up new possibilities for large screen interaction.

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