Dangbei’s much-anticipated spring product launch is just around the corner, scheduled for April 18th. Today, the official countdown poster released by Dangbei hints at something fresh and exciting, with the theme “Seeing Big in Small” and the tagline “Something different.”

In the center of the poster, we catch a glimpse of the new product—a white body with a metallic ring surrounding the lens. Judging from the minimalist design, it’s speculated that the product might belong to Dangbei’s D series of projectors. Notable models from this series include the Dangbei D5X and Dangbei D3X, both renowned for their blend of luxury and affordability, priced around 3,000 RMB (approximately $414 USD).

The tagline ” Something different.” hints at innovation, suggesting that the new product might bring fresh experiences either in functionality or design. On the functional front, “small” could imply a smaller projection ratio, enabling the projector to cast a large image from an ultra-short distance—a feature highly sought after in modern projection technology. In terms of design, “small” might emphasize a more compact and lightweight form factor, building upon the success of the Dangbei D5X to deliver a projector with a smaller footprint but with a bigger impact.

Dangbei has been a trailblazer in the realm of smart home projectors, introducing groundbreaking innovations such as the Dangbei X3 laser projector(Dangbei Mars laser projector), which shattered brightness limits in home micro-projection and ushered in the era of laser projection. The Dangbei X5 Ultra, on the other hand, introduced advanced super full-color laser technology, blending six light sources to lead the high-end smart projector market into the era of 4K super laser projection.

While official details about the new product remain under wraps, Dangbei’s track record of innovation leaves us eager for more. Will the upcoming release deliver unexpected features and designs, setting yet another milestone in the industry? The answers will be unveiled at the Dangbei Spring Product Launch event on April 18th, and we can hardly wait to find out.