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8K projector
Buying Guide

How Much Does An 8K Projector Cost?

JVC released the world’s first 8K projector this September, attracting many projector fans. Many projector fans wonder that how much does an 8K projector cost.

GooDee W80 vs Emotn C1
Buying Guide

GooDee W80 vs Emotn C1: Which One is Better?

GooDee W80 and Emotn C1 are both portable LCD projectors. Many potential buyers wonder which one they should buy. This article will compare Emotn C1

Emotn C1
Buying Guide

Emotn C1 Unboxing and Review, A Budget High-end Projector

Emotn C1 is a new projector released recently. Many projector fanciers want to know about its appearance and performance. In this post, I will have

Emotn C1
Tech Tips

How to Mirror iPhone to Emotn C1 Projector?

Emotn C1 projector is powerful in terms of screen mirroring. This post will tell you 3 methods to mirror your iPhone to the Projector. The

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How to Use XGIMI MoGo as a Bluetooth Speaker?

XGIMI MoGo supports Bluetooth and you can use the projector as a portable Bluetooth speaker. Here are the detailed steps. Connect MoGo with your phone

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How to Connect Computer or PS4 to QKK Projectors?

QKK projectors support multiple external connections, such as computers and PS4. How to connect the computer or PS4 to QKK projectors? Firstly, you need to

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How to Connect a Streaming Media Player to Epson EF-110W?

Epson EF-100W supports the connection of streaming media players. You can connect the streaming device included with your projector to the projector’s HDMI port. Just

QKK Mini Projector
Mini Projectors Tech Tips

How to Connect iPhone to QKK Mini Projector?

QKK mini projector was once ranked the best projector seller of 2020 in Amazon, which is popular among projectors fans. This post will tell you

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The 6 Main Parts of Projector and Their Functions

This post will explain the projector parts and their functions plainly and simply. The main parts of a projector include the lens, projector chip, screen,

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How to Mirror iPhone to XGIMI Horizon Pro?

There are two methods for you to cast from iPhone to XGIMI Horizon Pro. Method 1 Screen Mirror 1. Please install “AirScreen” app from Play

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BenQ Projector Wireless Projection Guide

BenQ home entertainment projectors support the wireless projection of many devices. This post will take BenQ TK810 as an example to list the platforms and

Buying Guide Projector Screens

The Top 5 Key Parameters for Choosing a Good Screen

A good screen can better deliver the image of your projector. There are 5 key parameters for you to choose a good screen. Gain Gain

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What to Do if the Image of Epson Projector is Blurry?

A fuzzy or blurry image is usually caused by focus or lens. You can try the following solutions. Firstly, you can try to adjust the

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What to Do if Nebula Capsule Can’t Power On?

Some Nebula Capsule users can’t power on their projectors. This post will give solutions to this problem.   Firstly, you should make sure that you

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How to Use Netflix On Your Nebula Projectors?

Many Nebula projector users don’t know how to use Netflix on their projectors. This article will provide a guide for you. Firstly, you can update

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How to Watch 3D Video by XGIMI H2?

XGIMI H2 supports 3D videos play. But many beginners have no idea of how to watch 3D videos. Here is a guide for you. 1.

Epson PowerLite 7800p
Tech Tips

What to Do if Epson Remote Control Does Not Work?

The remote control is an important part of projector use. It is tricky if the remote control doesn’t work. This article will list some solutions

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How to Connect Computer to Projector?

It is common to connect a computer to a projector in daily use. So, how to connect? Here are two methods for you. Method 1

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What is VGA?

VGA refers to Video Graphics Array. It is a computer display standard using analog signals proposed by IBM in 1987.  VGA port is a dedicated

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What is the RS-232C?

RS-232C is short for Recommended Standard 232 C. The letter C refers to correction, meaning that the standard is a corrected version. “232” is the