In recent days, the intelligent lighting system equipped in Huawei’s new model, the M9, has been officially unveiled. The vehicle incorporates a million-pixel smart projection system that utilizes the ALPD DLP optical engine, boasting ultra-small size and high brightness capable of projecting screens over a hundred inches.

Currently, ALPD laser display technology finds its primary applications in various industries, including home appliances, projectors, automotive optics, AR and aviation, commercial education markets, and digital cinemas. Particularly in the digital cinema projector market, where high display quality and reliability are crucial, ALPD laser display technology has become the mainstream solution, holding more than half of the market share. In the home entertainment sector, ALPD laser display technology is also being applied with cinema-grade standards, represented by top brands like Dangbei Mars.

Why are leading companies across industries increasingly choosing ALPD laser technology?

The reason lies in the high optical efficiency, wide color gamut, compact size, and strong stability of ALPD laser technology. Its technical route incorporates fluorescence-mixed multicolor laser, combining the small optical expansion amount and wide color gamut characteristics of lasers with the high efficiency and non-speckle characteristics of fluorescence. Under the same volume, projectors utilizing ALPD laser display technology have brightness 1.5-2 times that of traditional display technologies, with a power consumption requirement approximately half that of traditional light sources with the same brightness.

Additionally, as fluorescence materials emit spontaneous radiation, the emitted light disperses in various directions with tiny differences in time and space, ensuring no interference between them. Consequently, ALPD laser technology itself does not exhibit speckle problems. The technology also enhances color gamut range significantly while meeting the color gamut requirements of the 4K standard, achieving the maximum visible color gamut for the human eye. This results in natural-looking colors without issues such as oversaturation.

Whether in automotive projection or home entertainment, ALPD laser display technology excels in display performance, architectural innovation, and visual comfort, making it the preferred choice for many leading companies. Currently, laser display technology is experiencing robust growth, and ALPD laser display technology, with its irreplaceability, brings important innovations to the industry, offering markets and consumers a range of new choices.