Dangbei X3 Projector

: Speaker Power 10W*2

2: true brightness 3200 ANSI lumens

3: Processors MTK MT9669

4: 3GB + 64GB super-large memory

5: Innovative integration of AI smart voice system

6: Double algorithm, laser autofocus

Dangbei X3 Real Shoot By iPhone

Ultra bright laser 3200 ANSI

Enjoy the theater level laser giant screen technology at home. Compared with the traditional projection, dangbei laser projection X3 will bring a brand new viewing experience, with greatly improved brightness and changes visible to the naked eye – purer picture, higher contrast and sharpness, and brighter saturation.

Dangbei X3 Projector Mt9669 master chip

Mt9669 master chip, AI enhancement technology support intelligent recognition of film details, automatic optimization of picture saturation, brightness, clarity, reduce noise and dynamic motion compensation. In 4K audio-visual, entertainment, games and other scenes, it can play freely, showing the strength of the flagship platform.

Auto Focus

Global real-time monitoring, auto focus, clear picture, equipped with time-of-flight sensor TOF (time of flight) and CMOS camera module, focusing action is senseless, silent.

Auto Keystone Correction

The new hardware level trapezoidal correction chip, laser probe and ultra clear camera work together, together with the 6-axis gyroscope and the upgraded spatial geometry algorithm, not only make the picture correction faster and more accurate, but also bring a new black technology – picture edge enhancement technology.

AI intelligent sensing dimming * brightness optimization with environment

The high-precision ambient light sensor hidden in the glass cover plate can intelligently identify the ambient light, automatically adjust the brightness of the picture, and bring comfortable light and shadow experience.

Automatic screen entry * one second painting

Intelligent capture screen frame, one key automatic screen, alignment screen, no time-consuming manual debugging.

The technical principle of automatic screen entry function is to recognize the black frame of the screen through the camera, and some screens with unclear frame can not realize the function accurately.

AI engine Pro

Dangbei X3 Projector new AI Zhencai engine Pro carries out real-time intelligent remodeling for the screen, showing more colorful changes, textures and details. Combined with defect color removal and color over enhancement technology, restore color and reshape image quality.

HDR10+ Support

Dangbei X3 Projector it easily supports 4K ultra clear decoding. Hdr10 and hybrid log gamma * high dynamic video decoding technology exclusive to high-end cinemas make the film dark, clear-cut, and attractive.

MEMC Support

The most worrying thing about watching sports games is the blurring caused by motion picture dragging. dangbei X3’s innovative iterative software algorithm and MEMC motion compensation frame insertion technology can effectively eliminate the picture dragging jitter, so that every quick and subtle action on the field can be seen clearly, with clear frames, and there is no need to worry about the picture flickering blurring.

Shutter 3D Function

Support global 3D play, with active shutter type 3D glasses, 3D effect is more realistic, more strong sense of reality, without going to the cinema, you can enjoy private 3D large screen cinema at home, more realistic, more shocking, more immersive.

2x10W Speaker

Large cavity, built-in 2x10w high-power audio, creating a vast sound field. When you first hear the wonderful rhyme, you can feel it as delicate as silk, and also let your heart surge. Japanese silk dual passive diaphragm technology and magic combination, high fidelity presents the original sound quality of the film. When you play a song on the screen, you can enjoy the flexibility of music.

Cool heat dissipation

Pure copper vacuum heat conduction tube and aluminum heat dissipation fin group are integrated, zero distance contact with the laser plate heat source, and the cooling effect is instant. With the silent fan made in Japan at the left and right air inlets of the fuselage, the cold and hot air can be exchanged in the shortest path, and the heat dissipation is efficient. The operation noise is like the sound of flowers, creating a true static region, Let you indulge in the shocking vision of blockbusters.

Protect Your Eyes Health

It has passed the registration of class I laser equipment by FDA of the United States, and the inspection of low fatigue electronic products by Saixi laboratory. It loves watching movies and health.

Intelligent scanning and automatic obstacle avoidance

Laser scanning the wall, reshaping the picture, identifying the switch, hanging picture and other obstacles on the wall, automatically adjusting to the appropriate size of the picture, making the picture complete all the time.

Automatic obstacle avoidance can be realized in the front projection state, which is affected by the projection environment and does not guarantee to avoid all obstacles.

Intelligent information screen

Run full-time detection, when children close to the light source, the device instantly stop screen, avoid strong light direct eye. Using the principle of diffuse reflection imaging, light diffuse reflection into the eyes, reduce eye irritation, long-term viewing easier, more low blue light mode, care upgrade.