XGIMI is gearing up to unveil its latest innovation, the Play5 projector, scheduled to make its debut on April 24th.

Preliminary information suggests that the new Play5 projector will feature a portable cylindrical design, allowing for direct projection onto white walls or ceilings without the need for a screen. It will also come equipped with built-in speakers, adding to its convenience.

Although XGIMI has yet to release details regarding the appearance and specifications of the Play5 projector, some accessory products have already been listed:

XGIMI Play5 Portable 1080P Projector Exclusive Battery Stand: Priced at 399 yuan (approximately $55)

This stand reveals that the XGIMI Play5 will adopt a portable cylindrical design, support 1080p resolution, include built-in speakers, and be powered by the battery stand.

For reference, the previous generation XGIMI Play3 projector, which was launched last year, boasted a brightness of 400 CVIA lumens.

With its portable design and innovative features, the upcoming XGIMI Play5 projector is expected to offer users a convenient and immersive viewing experience. Stay tuned for more updates as the launch date approaches!