In this guide, we are going to talk about the installation and setup of the Netflix APP on your XGIMI projector.

1. Install XGIMI Desktop Manager & Netflix

  • Download the “DesktopManager” APP in Google Play Store.
  • Go back to the Homepage, and open “DesktopManager” (Click the “+” if you cannot find the app).

“DesktopManager” does not show on the Homepage VS “DesktopManager” shows on the Homepage

  • Open “Desktop”, and install the Netflix APP. You can also download other Apps on this page, for example, CangjieIME, AirScreen, WPS, AptoideTV, and more.
Before Download
After Download


  • For first-time use, it normally prompts a message for your approval. Please “allow” to access resources on the XGIMI projector.
The 1st use: APP permission window
The 2nd use: APP permission window
  • If it does not appear in the notification, please follow the steps below for allowing the access.
  • Go to Homepage / Press the button on the remote to access “Setting” > “Apps” > “Apps Permissions”> “Storage” > turn on the access permission.

3. Netflix Setting

Attention: Please do not update the Netflix APP, otherwise it may affect its operation.

How to find the installed Netflix APP on your XGIMI projector? Here are 3 methods for you.

Method 1:
Open and enter the app “DesktopManager”.

Method 2:
Click “DesktopManager” > “Installed” to click Netflix for building up quick access (shortcut) on the system homepage.

Method 3:
Go to Homepage / Press the button on the remote to access “Setting” > “Apps” > “See all apps” > “Show system apps” > Netflix.

That’s all for the Netflix installation and setup guide on the XGIMI projector.

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