XGIMI is an emerging smart projector brand in the US market. This guide will conclude the common problems and corresponding troubleshooting solutions, and related FAQs. If you are a potential buyer, you can refer to XGIMI Projector Buying Guide in the last section of the guide.

XGIMI Projector Troubleshooting

In this guide, you can get troubleshooting solutions concerning remote, blurry images, black spots on the image, no sound, screen mirroring, loud noise, and not turning on.

XGIMI Projector Troubleshooting: Remote

  • Make sure the remote and your XGIMI projector have paired successfully.
  • Check whether the remote is powered off.
  • Check the indicator light. If there is no indicator light, try to reset the remote by using a needle to press the reset button at the bottom of the remote.
  • If the XGIMI projector has paired with the remote but still doesn’t work, you can unpair all the connected Bluetooth devices and reconnect again.
  • Keep close to the projector when using the remote.
  • Remove the blocks between the XGIMI projector and your remote.

XGIMI Projector Troubleshooting: Blurry Image

  • Adjust focus and keystone using the projector. Press the left/right button or VOL+/- button to adjust focus when you are entering the Focus interface.
  • Make sure the projection image size is within the image size range of the projector. If the projection image exceeds the recommended image size, the image may be blurry.
  • If the ambient light is strong, you can turn off the lights or close your window curtain to improve the viewing effect.

XGIMI Projector Troubleshooting: Black Spots

  • Check whether it is too hot. Cool the XGIMI projector down and try it again after a while.
  • Check the position of the spot. If the spots are few, try to clean the lens or screen.
  • Clean the dust in the inner optical structure of the projector.
  • If all solutions above don’t work, the display chip may be broken. You need to contact XGIMI Service people for help.

XGIMI Projector Troubleshooting: No Sound

  • Check whether the projector is mute and adjust the volume.
  • Make sure the audio format is supported on the projector.
  • Check whether the input source of your XGIMI projector is selected and correct.
  • Check the audio connection cable is well connected when you are connecting an external audio device.

XGIMI Projector Troubleshooting: Screen Mirroring

Different XGIMI projector models have slight differences in terms of screen mirroring. If you can’t mirror your device to the XGIMI projector. Please see try the solutions below.

For Android phone

  • Check whether the XGIMI projector and your device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Make sure you have installed Google Home App on your phone. This solution is applicable to most Android phones and XGIMI projectors with Android TV.
  • Make sure the USB cable supports data transmission if you are using wired mirroring. It is recommended to use the original USB cable matched with your phone.

For iPhone

  • Check whether you have installed AirScreen App. You can download the APP in the Play Store of the XGIMI projector.
  • Make sure your XGIMI projector and your iPhone are connected to the same Wi-Fi signal.
  • Make sure you have started the Airplay feature (screen mirroring) in your phone control center. You can swipe down the screen of your iPhone to access the feature.
  • If you are using wired mirroring, please make sure that the USB lightning cable supports data transmission. The bundled lightning cable with your iPhone is preferred.

XGIMI Projector Troubleshooting: Loud Noise

  • Check whether the XGIMI projector is overheated, and place the projector in a cool and ventilative position. If the projector is overheated, the fans will operate quickly.
  • Do not keep turning on the projector for extremely long time.
  • Check whether there are obstacles that have blocked the vents. Clear the obstacles around the projector.
  • Make sure there are no stuck objects in the projector. Tilt/rotate the projector to remove the obstacle.

XGIMI Projector Troubleshooting: Can’t Turn on

  • Check whether the power cord is well connected.
  • Check whether the fan is working. If yes, check the working status of the external device.
  • Check whether the XGIMI projector is overheated. Try again when the projector cools down.


How to Control XGIMI Projector without Remote?

For XGIMI projector with Android TV:

  1. Download Android TV App on your phone.
  2. The projector and your phone should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  3. Pair with your XGIMI projector and your phone according to the code on the XGIMI projector.
  4. Then you can use your phone to operate the projector.

For XGIMI Projectors without Android TV:

  1. Download and install the XGIMI Assistant app on your smartphone.
  2. Connect the XGIMI projector to the same Wi-Fi network as your phone.
  3. Open the XGIMI Assistant App on your projector to search for the closest device or scan​ the QR code on your projector.

How to Watch Netflix on XGIMI Projector?

For the time being, XGIMI projectors have no built-in Netflix App. You can connect the projector to other external devices to access Netflix content.

  1. Connect the XGIMI projector to a TV stick, Roku. 
  2. Connect the XGIMI projector to a computer using an HDMI cable.

How to Watch 3D Movie on XGIMI Projector?

Not all XGIMI projector models support 3D. If the XGIMI projector supports 3D, you can follow the steps below to watch a 3D movie.

  1. Click on the “shortcut” button on XGIMI remote to start the 3D video setup.
  2. Choose the corresponding 3D Mode based on your video content.
  3. When the projector screen becomes combined and blurry. You can wear your 3D glasses to watch 3D movies on the projector.

How to Update Firmware of XGIMI Projector?

Method 1:

  • Enter the setting on your XGIMI projector.
  • Select Preferences>About>System Update> Check for update.

Method 2:

Download the latest version on the XGIMI website, you can download the latest firmware of corresponding XGIMI models and install the firmware with a USB drive.

How to start Bluetooth Speaker Mode?

  1. Turn on the XGIMI projector.
  2. Pair your external device with the projector via Bluetooth.
  3. One-click the power button on the remote.
  4. Select “Display off”.
  5. Then you can use the Bluetooth Speaker mode on the projector.

How to Display PPT on XGIMI Projector?

  1. Download and install the “Desktop Manager” app from Google Play Store on the XGIMI projector.
  2. Then install WPS from “Desktop Manager”.
  3. Then you can display PPT and other Office files on the XGIMI projector.

XGIMI Projector Buying Guide for 2022

XGIMI has 8 projectors available on the US market, including XGIMI Aura (Price: $2,799), XGIMI HORIZON Pro (Price: $1,899), XGIMI HORIZON (Price: $999.00), XGIMI Elfin (Price: $649), XGIMI Halo+ (Price: 849), XGIMI Halo (Price: $749.00), XGIMI MoGo Pro+(Price: $569), and XGIMI MoGo Pro (Price: $499).

XGIMI projectors portfolio

How to choose XGIMI Projector?

By Throw Ratio

If you want a projector with a big screen in a narrow room, you can choose XGIMI Aura. You can place XGIMI Aura on a cabinet just like a TV.

By Light Source

If you prefer a laser projector, you can choose XGIMI Aura.


But if you like LED light source, you can choose the other XGIMI models.

By Resolution

If you want a 4K resolution, you can pick XGIMI Aura or XGIMI Horizon Pro.

XGIMI Horizon Pro

If you prefer 1080P, you can pick XGIMI Horizon, XGIMI MoGo Pro series, XGIMI Halo series, or XGIMI Elfin.


By Purpose


Portable Projectors: XGIMI MoGo Pro series (better), XGIMI Halo series


By Budget

  • XGIMI Projector for $3,000: XGIMI Aura
  • XGIMI Projector for $ 2,000: XGIMI HORIZON Pro
  • XGIMI Projector for $ 1,000:  XGIMI HORIZON, XGIMI Halo+,
  • XGIMI Projector Under $ 800: XGIMI Elfin,XGIMI Halo
  • XGIMI Projector Under $600: XGIMI MoGo Pro+, GIMI MoGo Pro

That’s all for the XGIMI projector troubleshooting and buying guide. If you are not sure about the screen size and projection distance, you can use the online projector calculator to calculate the accurate screen size, projection distance, and best viewing distance.

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