XGIMI RS Pro3 Projector Launched with Super Hybrid Light Technology

XGIMI has announced the launch of its latest RS Pro3 projector, which comes with a host of new features and capabilities. Among the highlights is


XGIMI Releases M1 Ultra-Short-Throw Projector with 700CCB Brightness

Projectors have come a long way since their inception and have become a popular choice for home entertainment and business presentations. Today, we are going

XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro vs MoGo Pro
Buying Guide

XGIMI Mogo 2 Pro vs MoGo 2: What’s the Difference

XGIMI Mogo 2 Pro and MoGo 2 are both portable projectors. In this article, we will compare the two projectors from different perspectives. XGIMI Mogo


XGIMI H5 Projector is Launched – New LED Home Projector

Recently, XGIMI Technology held the 2022 technical communication meeting, and at this communication meeting released the first new brightness standard suitable for home projection –


PopIn Sells Its Japan Home Theater Business to XGIMI

XGIMI acquires Japanese company PopIn’s home projector business. Recently, Japanese start-up popIn announced that it has transferred its home projector business to Aladdin X, a

XGIMI Projector Troubleshooting and Buying Guide for 2022
Buying Guide

XGIMI Projector Troubleshooting and Buying Guide for 2022

XGIMI is an emerging smart projector brand in the US market. This guide will conclude the common problems and corresponding troubleshooting solutions, and related FAQs.

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WEMAX One Pro vs XGIMI Horizon Pro – 4K Projector Comparison

WEMAX has released a new competitive projector – WEMAX One Pro, 7000 lumens plus UHD 4K resolution, contrast ratio is up to 3000:1, and the

XGIMI Aura firmware
Tech Tips

How to Update Firmware of XGIMI AURA?

When an update is available, you will automatically receive a push notification on the homepage of your XGIMI AURA. You can just choose the “Details”

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How to Use 3D Feature on XGIMI Elfin?

XGIMI Elfin is a mini projector supporting 3D feature. This post will tell you how to use the 3D feature on the projector. Just follow

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Review of XGIMI H3S Projector

The front of XGIMI H3S is the projection lens on the left and the focusing module on the right. The cooling port adopts the fence design

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How to Sideload Android Apps on Your XGIMI Projector?

Here is a guide for you to sideload Android Package (APK) from the internet on your XGIMI projector. Step 1 Change the APK suffix to

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How to Get Serial Number of Your XGIMI Projector?

A serial number is a unique identifier assigned incrementally or sequentially to your XGIMI projector.  You may need the number when you need repair or

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How to Pair Remote Control with Your XGIMI Projector?

When you have installed your new XGIMI projector successfully, the following step is to pair your remote control with your projector. Here are the tips

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XGIMI Projector auto shutdown and troubleshooting

What should I do if my XGIMI projector is unable to boot or automatically shuts down?What should I do if my XGIMI projector automatically shuts down?

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XGIMI H2 Projector firmware upgrade steps

XGIMI H2 projector firmware upgrade steps,There are 5 steps in total and the steps are as follows.

XGIMI Horizon Pro Review

XGIMI Projector Horizon Pro Review Video

Video Author:J. MarianIn this video, we have a close look at the new XGIMI Horizon Pro projector and see if it’s the best choice for

XGIMI Projector Horizon Series

XGIMI Horizon Projector Series Official Unboxing

XGIMI Horizon Projector Series Official Unboxing.What’s in the box? Meet XGIMI Horizon Projector Series, the most versatile and easiest to use home projector from XGIMI.

XGIMI Halo Projector
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XGIMI Halo Mini Projector Specs

Brand XGIMI Halo Projector Physical resolution up to 1920X1080 Mini Projector 600 – 800 ANSI Lumens Official Android TV system with 4000+ apps Premium sound