This article aims to compare the features of the JMGO RS10 Mini projector with the JMGO Z7X projector.

Brightness: The JMGO RS10 Mini utilizes eye-friendly tri-color laser technology, boasting a brightness of 800 CVIA lumens. In contrast, the JMGO Z7X, with its LED light source, offers a brightness of 750 CVIA lumens. While both projectors provide vibrant colors, the RS10 Mini’s laser technology offers superior color accuracy and better resistance to ambient light. However, it’s worth noting that the RS10 Mini’s display chip is 0.23″ DMD, resulting in a slightly lower native resolution.

Audio Performance: The JMGO RS10 Mini is equipped with two 12W speakers, whereas the JMGO Z7X features two 6W speakers. With higher power output, the RS10 Mini delivers a more robust audio experience.

Hardware Configuration: The JMGO RS10 Mini houses the Mstar6A848 chip and offers an HDMI 2.0 interface, along with 3+32GB of memory storage. On the other hand, the JMGO Z7X is powered by the MT9669 chip, which boasts superior computational capabilities. It comes with an HDMI 2.1 interface but offers slightly smaller memory storage, with a configuration of 2+16GB.

Design: Both projectors feature a swivel base design. The JMGO RS10 Mini adopts a traditional square shape, resulting in a heavier build, while the JMGO Z7X is more lightweight and compact, making it ideal for portability and outdoor use.

In conclusion, while both the JMGO RS10 Mini and the JMGO Z7X offer impressive features, users should consider their priorities regarding brightness, audio quality, hardware configuration, and design preferences before making a decision.