XGIMI has recently announced the upcoming launch of its RS series, featuring the RS 10 and RS 10 Pro models. Scheduled for release on May 13th, these new additions are set to redefine the high-end flagship projector category with their innovative features.

One of the key highlights of the RS 10/Pro series is their incorporation of a swivel mount design, enhancing user flexibility and convenience. Positioned as premium flagship models, XGIMI emphasizes their cutting-edge optical technology, hinting at the continuation of their acclaimed Dual Light 2.0 eye-protection laser technology. From promotional materials, it’s evident that the RS 10/Pro will boast Harman Kardon speakers and IMAX certification, promising an immersive audiovisual experience.

The RS series builds upon the success of existing models like the RS 10 Ultra and RS 10 Mini, both renowned for their utilization of Dual Light 2.0 eye-protection laser technology. This strategic move by XGIMI signifies their commitment to leading the way in laser projection technology.

As consumers eagerly await the release of the RS 10/Pro series, expectations are high for these projectors to set new standards in terms of performance, image quality, and user experience. With XGIMI’s track record of innovation and quality, the RS 10/Pro series is poised to impress even the most discerning projector enthusiasts.