In this guide, we are going to fix the problem of Disney Plus not working on the ZTE projector.

How to Fix Disney Plus Not Working on ZTE Projector?

Disney Plus is a popular streaming APP, which is available in many ZTE projector models.  By means of the Disney Plus APP, you can enjoy various excellent content on a projector, no matter it is a hot movie or a pop cartoon.

12 Methods to Fix Disney Plus Not Working on ZTE Projector

You can try the following 12 solutions to the problem of Disney Plus not working. The solutions may be slightly different for different ZTE projector models.

1. Make Sure the HDMI Cable is Compliant With HDCP

HDCP refers to high bandwidth digital content protection, which is jointly developed by Hollywood and semiconductor giant Intel. The HDCP can protect uncompressed digital audio and video content, suitable for high-speed digital video interfaces, such as Displayport, HDMI, and DVI.

iBirdie HDMI cable

HDCP will block some illegal streaming purposes. Therefore, you should get an HDMI cable complaint with HDCP before connecting the ZTE projector to other external devices, such as a TV stick, TV Box, or a computer.

2. Plug the HDMI Cable Into the Correct HDMI Port

Just like the HDMI cable above, you need to notice the correct HDMI port on the ZTE projector that is compatible with HDCP. Generally, not all HDMI ports are compliant with HDCP.

3. Check the Software of Your ZTE projector or External Device

If the software of your ZTE projector is outdated, Disney Plus maybe not work. You can find Setting on your projector and check for updates on the ZTE projector. If you connect an external device, you can check the software status of the device.

4. Check Update of the Disney Plus App

If the Disney Plus is outdated, some content in the App may fail to play successfully. You can go to the App store on your ZTE projector and download the latest version of the Disney Plus App.

 ZTE projector

5. Clear Cache on the ZTE Projector

If there is too much cache on your ZTE projector, it can make the operation slow or not work at all. You can clear the cache regularly on your ZTE projector to make the Disney Plus work smoothly.

6. Uninstall and Re-install Disney Plus App

To fix Disney Plus not working on the ZTE projector, you can also uninstall and re-install the Disney Plus App to fix the problem. This operation helps to solve some unexpected and hidden bugs on the ZTE projector.

7. Check the Internet Status

You can check the internet connection status by visiting other Apps to load new content.

8. Restart Your Streaming Device

If you are connecting a streaming device, for example, Roku, you can try to restart the projector and try again.

9. Reset the ZTE Projector

You can also reset the ZTE projector to the factory default setting and try again. This solution can debug some hidden mistakes or problems with the ZTE projector.

10. Screen Mirroring

You can connect the ZTE projector to external devices, such as a laptop, then you can mirror the screen of the laptop to the projector.

11. Roku

You can connect the ZTE projector to a Roku via an HDMI interface to access Disney Plus App.

12. Fire TV Stick

If the Disney Plus App doesn’t work, you can connect the projector to a Fire TV stick. This method can access more content resources similar to Disney Plus.

Related Q&As

How to Update Disney Plus to Latest Version?

  • Enter Play Store.
  • Search Disney Plus
  • Select Download or Update the Disney Plus APP.
  • You can check the version number to see the latest version.

If there is no latest version, you can try to copy the APK on your USB flash drive and then install it on the projector.

How to Reset the ZTE projector?

Method 1:

  • Enter the Setting of the ZTE Projector.
  • Select Backup & reset in the list.
  • Select factory data reset.
  • Tap Reset device.
  • Select Erase everything.
  • Then reset of the ZTE projector is completed.

Method 2:

  • Turn off the ZTE projector.
  • Press and hold the Power/Lock key and Volume up key.
  • Then use the Volume keys to scroll down to wipe data/factory reset.
  • Press the Power/Lock key to confirm.
  • Scroll to Yes – -delete all user data.
  • Press the Power/Lock key.
  • Now, you can reset the ZTE projector to the default factory setting.

How to Watch YouTube on ZTE Projector?

  • Open Play Store on the ZTE Projector.
  • Search YouTube.
  • Download YouTube.
  • Open YouTube on the projector.
  • Then, you can watch YouTube on the ZTE projector.

That’s all for the guide for the problem of Disney Plus not working on the ZTE projector.

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