You may wonder whether or not you can watch Netflix on a projector. The answer is yes. All you need is the three easy steps as well as the right equipment and an internet connection, then you are able to enjoy your favorite content from Netflix.

3 simple methods to watch Netflix on the projector

1.Get a smart projector

Part of the projectors have the smart operating system built right into them, such as Android TV, licensed by Netflix already. Let’s say if you own a projector equipped with Android TV, you won’t be bothered by the question of how to watch Netflix on a projector, because all you need to do is open the in-build Netflix App on the projector.

2.Use a streaming device (Chromecast or Firestick)

If your projector is not equipped with smart system, you can get a streaming device, such as Chromecast and Firestick. Then you could plug in the device to the HDMI port on the back of your projector. Once connected, you can open the Netflix App to see shows or movies on your projector.

3.Connect your laptop to the projector through HDMI

Prepare an HDMI cable, then plug one end in the HDMI port back on your projector, then connect another end to your laptop.

After that, you could watch Netflix on projectors by mirroring the content on your computer. How to mirror the screen to the projector? It is simple, You can find 2 options in the setting, one is “extend”, another is “mirror”. Both of them are available in mirroring the screen, the tiny difference is that extend will duplicate screens for both displays, while mirroring has one display showing everything on your other device. After you finish these steps, just open up Netflix as usual, you can enjoy your big-screen movie night.