The remote control of the projector can be divided into Bluetooth and infrared.

The smart projector needs to pair with the remote control when it is turned on for the first time. Sometimes, users may encounter remote control failure.  Here are solutions to pair a projector with remote control.

Bluetooth Remote Control

Method 1: Long Press the Home button and the Menu button 

① Move the remote control close to the projector within 10 cm.

② Press the “menu button” and “Home button” simultaneously.

③ After the indicator light on the upper left of the remote control is flashing, release the buttons. The pairing is completed after hearing a “Di” sound.

Method 2: Long Press the Home button and the Return button 

① Place the remote control within 10cm of the polar meter projector.

② press the “Back” button and the “Home” button simultaneously.

③ Release the buttons after the indicator of the remote control flashed and then extinguished.

Infrared Remote Control

Remote control of some traditional projectors is infrared. For example, BenQ, Epson.

The remote control of this kind of projector does not need additional pairing. You can just use it immediately after the projector is turned on.