Some projector users may see several black spots or dark spots on the screen or image. What are the causes of the black spots? How to fix them?

The black spots or dark spots mainly be caused by the following three factors.


The screen image may be affected by the black spots if the external lens or optical elements of the projector are covered by too much dust. You can clean the lens carefully with a soft cloth and try again.

In addition, if your projector has a filter screen, you can try to clean it. The filter screen can’t be installed until it is completely dry.

You’d better buy a projector with a sealed optical machine to avoid dust accumulation.


Sometimes, the black spots are caused by overheating. You can power the projector off after a long time of use (4-6 hours) to avoid overheating.

Broken display Chip

If you have excluded the two occasions above, the display chip of your projector may be broken. If the chip is broken, the black spots are small but inerratic with a large area. You can contact Customer Service and then replace the component.

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