The Dangbei D6X Series new product was officially unveiled online, featuring “thin, light, and dynamic” qualities. Building upon the lightweight characteristics of the previous Dangbei D5X Series, the new series introduces the innovative AI dynamic screen and the dynamic stand design. The new products will be available for purchase starting April 27th, with the Dangbei D6X Pro priced at RMB 3999 (about $552)during the initial release and the Dangbei D6X at RMB 3099(about $428).

The Dangbei D6X Series introduces the unique AI dynamic screen, which supports dual-screen interaction and can be used independently to meet diverse needs. According to the product details, users can click on applications on the dynamic screen, flip the device, and seamlessly switch to large-screen projection mode, quickly accessing application content. In large-screen playback mode, the dynamic screen can also transform into a magic touchpad, allowing users to control the large screen through intuitive gestures, enabling AI interaction. You can know the details on the Dangbei D6X Pro Review.

When used independently, the AI dynamic screen supports online or Bluetooth music playback and can be used with interfaces like floating lyrics. The dynamic wallpaper options are diverse, including Creative Clocks, Time Albums, and Art Galleries. The custom album feature supports multi-user uploads, offering various styles such as polaroids, full-screen floating, and collages for slideshow presentations.

In addition to the AI dynamic screen, the Dangbei D6X Series introduces the dynamic stand, supporting a 225° super wide-angle adjustment for versatile projection scenarios, including ceiling projection. Users can easily adjust the angle with one hand, and with the AI intelligent correction system, maintain clear and square images at all times.

In terms of other specifications, the Dangbei D6X Pro adopts ALPD laser display technology, providing clear and speckle-free images with a brightness of 1200 CVIA lumens. It is equipped with the MT9669 chip, offering 3+32GB of storage space, and supports WiFi-6, Bluetooth 5.2, far-field voice, automatic screen retraction, obstacle avoidance, and anti-glare eye protection mode. The Dangbei D6X introduces tri-color lasers for higher brightness and color saturation, offering richer colors with a brightness of 720 CVIA lumens and supporting WiFi-5 connectivity.

In terms of audio, the Dangbei D6X Series supports Dolby and DTS sound decoding. With the speakers positioned in front and combined with the dynamic cloud platform, the audio frequency reaches 20kHz. The specially designed 15° upward angle effectively reduces sound wave reflection on the desktop, ensuring purer sound quality, especially in near-field listening modes.

Regarding the intelligent system, the entire Dangbei D6X Series is equipped with the Dangbei OS 4.1 operating system, featuring a modular dynamic widget design. Users can preset hundreds of usage scenarios and create custom commands based on multiple preset conditions, such as setting “automatically start Bilibili at 7 pm from Monday to Friday” or “reduce brightness, enter eye protection mode, and start children’s mode automatically”. Additionally, the system includes nine preset modes, including daily binge-watching, night mode, continuous use reminders, ambient mode at startup, mute startup at night, daytime mode, sleep mode, and high-volume reminders.

Moreover, the system supports ad-free startup and screencasting, offering comprehensive video resources across multiple platforms. It includes features like customizable UI, ambiance enhancers, lyric shows with light and shadow effects, meditation spaces, and remote control retrieval. In outdoor camping scenarios, it can be used with a power bank via the Type-C interface.

The Dangbei D6X Series of projectors reshapes the appearance of traditional home smart projectors. The combination of the AI dynamic screen and the dynamic stand integrates practicality and creativity into a lightweight body, meeting users’ demands for novelty and differentiation. The revolutionary innovations of the Dangbei D6X Series are injecting new vitality into the home smart projector market and officially ushering in the era of projector 3.0.

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