Dangbei X3 is a flagship projector of Dangbei released this year, which is popular in global market.

Today, we’ll review this laser projector from various aspects.

Appearance and Design

It has a fine and brief design, which won the German iF Design Award just after its release.  It is made of 2.5 nano coated glass and aircraft grade aluminum with a IML floating panel, which is full of aesthetics.

The color of projector body is black, which is fashionable and steady, typical of high-tech trending products.

Core Parameters

High Brightness

Dangbei X3 features a brightness of 3,200 ANSI lumens, delivering a clear image even under strong light during daytime.

Short Throw Ratio

In addition, Dangbei X3 has a throw ratio of 1.27:1, meaning that you can project a bigger screen within a short distance.

High Image Quality

The laser projector is equipped with newly updated AI Zhencai graphics engine, which can carry out real-time intelligent picture quality restoring and automatically optimize the picture saturation, brightness, clarity, noise reduction and dynamic motion compensation. 

Better for Eyes

Dangbei X3 also specially add eye protection function and automatic brightness adjustment function. When users walk close to the lens, the projector will automatically perceive and close the screen in time, avoiding injury to the human eye. When the environment gets too light or too dark, it will automatically adjust the screen brightness, which is better for your eyes.

Easy to Operate

The projector operates with Dangbei OS, which is smooth and quick. The brief and elegant user interface is easy to understand, widely acclaimed by users.

System Equipment

The laser projector has a RAM of 3G and 64G storage, giving users a smooth operation. It provides game mode, bringing you an exciting experience with extremely low delays.

All in all, Dangbei X3 has a good performance in terms of brightness, image quality, and system equipment.

To get more parameters and details, see Dangbei X3 in the Products section of Projector1.

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