For many projector beginners, it is difficult and tedious to get proper throw distance. You have to carry the projector and keep walking around to get a proper distance if you have no idea of the best throw distance.

Today, I want to recommend an online projector calculator, which can give throw distance, screen size, and the best viewing distance in seconds.

It is Projector Calculator provided by Projector1, a practical and useful online calculator with elegant UI and vivid illustration. You need just fill in any blank, you can get all results.

What are the features of the calculator? How to use it?

Feature 1: Given Screen Size, calculate Throw Distance.

By selecting Throw Ratio in the first blank and filling Screen Size in the 2nd blank, you can get Throw Distance by clicking the Calculate button.

Feature 2: Given Throw Distance, calculate the Screen Size.

By selecting Throw Ratio and filling in Throw Distance, you can get Screen Size by clicking the Calculate button.  

Feature 3: Recommended viewing distance.

By selecting Throw Ratio and filling in any one blank of the calculator, you can get the best Viewing Distance.

When going to the cinema, people tend to pick the best movie seats, and so does the projector.

Even if you are totally a novice for projectors, you can quickly get the meaning of all related terms and their relations by means of the dynamic illustration and literal explanation around the calculator.

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