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View Sonic M1 Projector Review

The best projector with a stand-out design, accurate loudspeakers, and auto keystone adjustment is outstanding. Moreover, the small size of an M1 projector makes it
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How to repair a retractable projector screen

A fantastic image with brilliant light and excellent sound quality is essential for the best experience ever to enjoy with your favorite movie. Furthermore, the
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Main Theater Projectors Types Introduction

A projector is fascinating as it makes the image huge and offers more fun than a regular Television screen. However, if we are talking about theater projectors,

Phasmophobia D.O.T.S. Projector

How to Use Phasmophobia D.O.T.S. Projector?

Here are some tips and tricks about Phasmophobia D.O.T.S. Projector helping you get more Evidence. Video Author: LivingWast3land See More about Phasmophobia D.O.T.S. Projector:
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Optoma UHZ50 Laser Projector Review

A well-known gaming projector but is also suitable for home theater purposes due to its standard throw ratio, Optoma UHZ50 is perfect. This highly affordable
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LG CineBeam PF610P LED projector review

Appealing features with impressive characteristics enhance the demand of the projectors in the market. LG CineBeam PF610P LED projector is one of the latest editions of the
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The Top 3 Projector Screens of 2022

The best projector screens can bring you a better home cinema experience. A projector needs a screen to display images. It can be your room
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Best Projector Screens for 2022

Picking the best projector screen compatible with the projector can turn your room into the best home theater. However, the choice of the projector screen
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Projector Invention brings revolution to Cinema

The revolutionary history of projector invention begins with the magic lantern’s innovation and goes all the way down to the most advanced projectors of modern days. Undoubtedly,

Top 5 Best 4K Projectors in Market
4K Projectors

Top 5 Best 4K Projectors in Market

A projector replaces the Television from our homes and helps us create beautiful memories together. Multiple factors, including ultra-short throw, lamp replacement cost, and maintenance

DLP Projectors

Top 5 Best DLP Projectors Manufacturers

Projectors are necessary for multiple reasons. Their functions and ease make them mandatory for a school auditorium, movie theaters, indoor and outdoor conferences, and churches.

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What does a movie theater projector cost?

Movie theater projectors are the most professional ones. They are incredibly unique and provide a vast entertainment room to all viewers inside the theater. High
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Which is India’s Best Projector?

Technology brings innovation with invention and transforms the complete concept of revolution. The most popular projectors high in demand have multiple features per the client’s

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How to Choose a Good Classroom Projector?

Undoubtedly, the invention brings innovations and eases life. Long gone are when classrooms were boring and equipped with old-school whiteboards. Now, projectors change the whole

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How to Pick a Suitable Projector Screen?

The best movie night is the one which you have with your buddies. A movie night is complete with the best projector screen to help

Laser VS LED VS Lamp, Projectors light source

Laser vs LED vs Lamp: Which Light Source is Better for Projector?

Laser, LED, and Lamp are the three main light sources of projectors in the market. They all have their own features and characteristics. Laser is

Dots projector phasmophobia

DOTS Projector Phasmophobia Tips and Tricks

D.O.T.S Projector is a laser light projector that detects paranormal movements, highlighting any entities within its range. You can use it to play Phasmophobia. Here

projector lens
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Glass Lens vs Resin Lens: Which is better?

The projector lens is a very key component of the projector. We usually see glass lens and resin lens in the projector market. What are

NOVA Tech Mini Projector

NOVA Tech Mini Projector, A Cute 1080P Home Projector

Nova Tech Mini projector is a cute 1080P projector for home use. The projector has a special and cute appearance. It has a yellow face


Amazon Glow, A Creative Projector Supporting Video Call

Amazon has released a creative projector, Amazon Glow. The projector looks like a big phone, which is positioned as an interactive projector for kids over