Amazon Glow, A Creative Projector Supporting Video Call

Amazon has released a creative projector, Amazon Glow. The projector looks like a big phone, which is positioned as an interactive projector for kids over

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The 6 Main Parts of Projector and Their Functions

This post will explain the projector parts and their functions plainly and simply. The main parts of a projector include the lens, projector chip, screen,

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6 Different Projector Types and Their Features

Projectors can be classified into 6 types based on their use scenarios. This post lists the 6 common projector types and describes their features. Home


Motorized Projector Shelf DIY Guide

Want to make your projector awesome and cool? You can get a Motorized Projector Shelf. In this video, you can also DIY a Motorized Projector


Projector Lights: Creative Lighting Using A Projector

Projector lights can also become a creative scene. Lighting your scene using a 4K movie projector provides you endless creative possibilities to put your subject

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How to Transport Your Projector?

Sometimes, we need to transport our projectors to other places. However, the projector contains precision parts, some of which are glass, which is easy to


How to Get Galaxy by Projector

How to get galaxy by projector? AnRui Sound Machine with Night Light Star Sky Projector with Remote Control for Birthday/Festival Gift, Baby Night Light with

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How to Install Projector? The 4 Mainstream Projection Options

For some projector novices, the first problem they come across is how to install their projector. This article will introduce the 4 mainstream projection options:


Halloween Preparation:How to Build An Outdoor Projector Enclosure

Halloween is arriving! This is a video about Halloween Preparation for projector lovers! This is how to build your own homemade outdoor weatherproof Projector Enclosure

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How to Use Amplifier By XGIMI Elfin?

XGIMI Elfin supports amplifier. You can do as follows to use amplifier by means of your XGIMI Elfin. The projector offers two HDMI ports for


Flashlight Video Projector Tutorial For ANY PHONE 2021

The video gives a tutorial of Flashlight Video Projector for any phone. This flashlight video projector is awesome, it works on any device both ios


How to make a projector? using a shoebox?

This is a video telling you how to make a projector with your discarded shoebox. Turn an old shoebox and some office supplies into a

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What is Keystone Correction?

Keystone Correction is a common term widely seen in projector specification. The technology is a solution to keystone effect. The keystone effect is the apparent

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Flashlight Video Projector App for Android,Making Your Phone into Projector

Flashlight Video Projector App for Android is very popular recently. It is developed by Flashlight Video Projector, which is an Android tool developed for users

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What to do if the Projector Screen is Too Dark?

Some projector users may come across a dark projector screen when they use projectors. This article will list solutions to the problem. Case 1 Pollution

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How to Calculate Throw Distance Instantly?

For many projector beginners, it is difficult and tedious to get proper throw distance. You have to carry the projector and keep walking around to

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What is Throw Ratio?

Throw ratio is the ratio of Throw Distance to the Screen Width. Throw Ratio =Throw Distance / Screen Width. The greater the throw Ratio, the


How to Make Your Projector Bluetooth! (Cheap Fix!)

This is a SIMPLE way to make your projector bluetooth and hook up to bluetooth earbuds, sound bars, speakers, etc. Best of all, it’s fairly

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What Is UST Projector?

UST projectors are popular recently in all kinds of platforms. However, there are some beginners have no idea of this kinds of projector. This articles

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What kind of Screen Material You Should Buy for Your Projector?

There are too many kinds of screens made of various materials. How to pick a proper one for your projector? This article will list different